Hula Update – I’ve Lost Count Of The Weeks!


I hadn’t updated for a while so thought I’d better…

I have been faithfully rolling my hips in both directions for 10 minutes a day, with my weighted hula hoop! Every day, let me reiterate! No slacking!

But I have also been eating lots of naughty things too… Never good…

But my measurements are relatively static, at 34″ sometimes 33.75″ which is good! Not quite the 32″ the nurse advised, but hey, it takes time!

So I’m off to do my daily stint now. Having a lazy Sunday!

Hula Hoop Update – week 4 I think!


In all the business if the last few days I forgot to post this!

I’ve still been hula-ing 10 minutes a day, 5 minutes each way, and I have now lost a whole inch off my waist!


34″ now!! 

Hula Hooping Update -Week 2!

'Waist'-ing away!

‘Waist’-ing away!

Morning lovely people!

As promised, here’s the hula update!

I’ve done my 10 minutes a day faithfully, and last week, the first week, I saw a difference of half an inch!

From 35″ to 34.5″! This week another lil bit, and I’m just shy of 34″

So inch loss is now at 0.75″ and waist is 34.25″ !

I’m off home on Tuesday, and my mum has bought a hula hoop too, so I will try to continue, but I fear the Easter bunny’s visit might hinder my progress… But I will try to be good!!!

More Hula Hooping information, and encouragement!

I have been checking out hula hooping exercises and came across this great article! Hula Hooping in the Daily Mail.

Firstly the lady in the pictures has my hula hoop! And secondly, wow! I am in great hooping company, with Beyoncรฉ and Kelly Osborne all doing the very same thing I am mastering now!

It really is apparently great for mummy tummies! I even got creative and wrote a poem about mine here.!

And I found a fair few videos to get ideas! The Lady on the left keeps dropping hers… so that’s ok to do too!!

And here’s a lovely Hula Hoop Song to listen to as you are rotating your hips!


Hula update!


Hula Queen!!!

My hula hooping shenanigans were much read on Sunday,so I thought it would only be polite to let you know whether it’s still going… (Ok I know, it’s only 2 days later, but I have left exercise regimes on the first day in the past, so to still be at it after 3 days is pretty good for me!)

So my waist measured at 35″ on Friday… I shall measure it again on Sunday, after a week of hula-ing, so we can see if there is any difference… See the dedication I have to you blog pals!!! I am doing this for you (and me!) so we can see if it’s worth it!!

I am not changing my diet in any way, I can be pretty sensible with eating choices (until 9pm when the inner Cookie Monster climbs out, and I eat all sorts of terrible treats! Seriously.. I had no dinner til 10pm, due to being busy, and when I sat down, it was with a cup of tea, 2 hot cross buns, slathered in butter and the remnants of a chocolate trifle I have in the fridge! :oops:), but before 9pm, I am pretty good, honestly!!!

So far as I know, 4 others who read my post have ordered or bought a hoop, including my mum, who got hers yesterday, and once she put it together, she excitedly called me back to tell me she managed 200 revolutions each way!!! Yay Mum!!! 😄

So how much have I done, and how often…

Sunday and Monday, I did two 5 minute sessions, stopping and starting, going both ways. One session in the morning, and one in the evening, on an empty stomach.

Today, check me!!! I did 5 minutes NON-STOP anti-clockwise, and being on a roll, I did another 5 minutes NON-STOP clockwise too!!!

I will report back on Sunday!!!!

My interactive peeps!

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