One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Feline Issues!

“Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in!” -Anon

I speak from experience here… literally. Not that we put Sonu Singh in a bag… But on the weekend we had that annual vet check, and finally, after four years, that cat realised that the carrier is no fun. It transports you to places of prodding, pricking and pain!

Usually we place the carrier down, and he happily gets in, before realising we are closing a door. This time, he saw, sniffed and scarpered!

There was cat hair everywhere as we attempted to cajole him into getting in! It took a while, catnip spray and a handful of treats, but we did it!

Incarcerated feline!

Thankfully all went smoothly there, despite him deciding that the sink was the best place to sit for his vaccinations, and aside from getting him to drop a few ounces, we have a healthy cat!

Good job he’s cute!

And, to top it off, once he had his jabs, he crept back into his carrier with no fuss whatsoever! Crazy cat!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge. (But a lot more than one line!!!)

My Miaow-nifesto

Sonu Singh stood last time too, and didn’t get in… imagine the world we would be living in now, if you had voted for him… Think again before you place that cross…

Vote for me!


Your Purrrfect Candidate!

Election fever has hit Catland too, as Sonu Singh decides to stand for Purrrime Miaow-nister!

I promise to provide scratchy posts at every corner, treats in all places, and high places to climb!

But I Smile Anyway...

You can’t see me!!!!

Why is it Sonu Singh thinks we can’t see him half the time he’s hiding? I managed to capture a few shots of him in his hiding prime over the last few months…


Spot the kitty! (My favourite!)



Loves clothes!



I am so not here!!



His favourite place at the moment!

Told you he’s a bit of a nut job…but we love him!!

Privacy Please!

You know that time you really need to go… And you’re almost pulling your pants down still, as you relieve yourself, with a huge sigh?

 Well. I guess this is Sonu Singh’s version… He was so desperate to go, he left his tail hanging outside his portaloo!!!

Enjoying a scritch!

Watching You,Watching Me, Watching You

Our next door neighbour has a new kitty, Felix. He’s an outside cat, unlike our Sonu Singh, and nowadays,  he comes into our garden to have a run around. I’ve seen him hiding from me, chasing foxes around, and then there are the moments Sonu Singh and him have a stare off at the patio door…

Managed to grab a few stills on the iPad camera today…


I can see you…


Who? Me?


Yes, You!

I even took Sonu Singh  on his lead and though Felix ran further away, they stared at each other for ages! Though Sonu Singh wasn’t interested in chasing him… It’s a tad blustery today and he was intrigued with the way the grass was blowing back and forth! In fact he was afraid to put his paws on the wavey sea of green, happy to watch from the patio slabs! Scaredy cat!!!

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