Lonely Cat

I really feel for Sonu Singh at the moment…

When we got him Hubby Dearest was working from home. At 2 months old, he had a constant playmate, and then when we all arrived back from school, he was spoiled!


Then came a period of about 3 months where Hubby’s work took him out of the house daily, and Little Sonu Singh had to fend for himself. He was tiny then, and prone to getting himself stuck under the settee and stuff, so we bought a special pet pen where he would spend the school hours, then get his freedom when we got home.

Since then, and for the last 2 years, he has had Hubby for company again, as, working from home has it’s advantages… and Sonu Singh was never alone…

But now, we have a change of job in the house, and three year old Sonu Singh is having to occupy himself on a daily basis. Oh he is very vocal when we wake up, and when we get home, but what does he do all day?

Sits and looks outside from the window.

Or sleeps on the table, or near the front door, waiting for us…


When we are home, he either goes crazy running around trying to get us to play hid and seek with him, or he sits on/in our bags, hoping that we might take him with us the next time…

He tries to stop me from working or writing, by laying on my books!


He lays near me and pulls funny faces so I may spent my time looking at him.


He even offers himself up as a phone holder to Lil Man, so he may be centre of attention!


But the sweetest thing, every night he crawls onto me and ‘cat-kisses’ me, then snuggles up on my lap for a sleep.


Don’t worry Sweet Sonu Singh… under three weeks to go, then we will be home with you for a whole 6 weeks! You may even be glad when we go back to school!


My Miaow-nifesto

Sonu Singh stood last time too, and didn’t get in… imagine the world we would be living in now, if you had voted for him… Think again before you place that cross…

Vote for me!


Your Purrrfect Candidate!

Election fever has hit Catland too, as Sonu Singh decides to stand for Purrrime Miaow-nister!

I promise to provide scratchy posts at every corner, treats in all places, and high places to climb!

But I Smile Anyway...

#ThrowbackThursday – May the 4th…

…be with you!


Oh he was a stroppy Super Model this time!!! The demands!


Really, mummy??!


Don’t you know I don’t get up and pose for less than 3 treats nowadays!?!


I don’t have much choice… Do I…?


Storm Trooper? I’ll do it if they change to Sonu Troopers!

But I Smile Anyway...

Sonu Singh Samples Cake!

February for us is not just the month of love, but also the month of birthdays. No less than 5 members of our family, and close members at that, have their special birthdays in this month.

This means plenty of fun, celebrations, headache when selecting presents, and cake.

Not to be left out, the other day Sonu Singh tried some sponge. I know it is not a good thing for a cat, but he was so intrigued, a tiny nibble satisfied his curiosity!


There were also helium balloons present, a gift from someone else, which scared the BeJesus out of him! It’s been two days and he is still spooked! He comes into the living room and looks at the spot where they were, then darts out again! We realised they were freaking him out so we had moved them into the porch where he can’t see them but he is still slightly hesitant. Silly, but sweet kitty!

Day 7 #Loveuary❤ My Furbaby


I can’t write about love for my family and miss out this one key member… Sonu Singh.

Sonu Singh is our beautiful 3-year-old kitty. If you had asked me a few years back, whether I would ever have a pet, I would have laughed in your face!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love animals, but our life didn’t feel like the sort of life where an animal, apart from fish, would ever fit in.

Hubby Dearest would have loved a dog, but, though I don’t mind them, I have a childhood fear of them which I haven’t quite totally got over. So he started looking at kittens, as he knew I liked cats.

I was packed off to a Parents evening, with my children as he was ‘going out’ and I arrived back to find this ginger fluffball in a box! Aside from the fact we had NOTHING for a kitten in the house, he quickly filled our hearts with joy, and Sonu Singh is firmly part of this family.

I often find myself talking to him, having random conversations. And he does the same to us! He’s an indoor cat so he thinks he’s human anyway!

And here is a little poem I wrote for him a couple of years ago. It was actually for World Poetry Day in 2015. I do love my kitty 😻

He looks at me
With soulful eyes
They make him seem 
So terribly wise
A look that takes
Your breath away
And eyes that seem
To want to say
Why can’t I eat
What you have got?
Why can’t I sleep
Upon the cot?
When can I
Go out to play?
Will you leave me
Alone today?
My darling boy
Why can’t you see
You’re wholly part
Of this family!
You might be furry
And we’re not
But love for you,
There is a lot.

Ritu 2015



Remember, feel free to take part in #Loveuary! Just ping back to the daily post, as in this one for today! And if you are at a loss for a prompt, then visit my rules post here for a list of prompt suggestions!

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