Finish The Story 2 – Boardroom Manoeuvres – @Tanmay_and_Jain @darthnid

Thanks so much to Tanmay Jain for including me in this collaboration and it’s the turn of Nideesh Samant, with the final prompt of the month.

Prompt  – A standard corporate boardroom meeting is underway, but the boss has hidden motives…

Boardroom Manoeuvres

The boardroom was like an oven. It had been a long meeting, and it was about time to wrap it up.
Clive Burnett, the Managing Director, cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.
“Ahem, right, thank you. That has been a productive meeting, and I’ll be sure to get Mandy to send the minutes out to you all tomorrow. Oh, and one final thing. There appears to be a glitch in the system, and it seems to have muddled up everyone’s contact numbers. I need you all to write your names and your contact numbers on this piece of paper.”
“But Mr Burnett, don’t you have our numbers on your own phone anyway?” Dennis piped up.
There’s always one, trying to be clever.
“Actually, my phone syncs to the system, and I can’t get any of the numbers either. It’s a simple fix, but we just need them all, now, from you, so the system can be corrected. Everyone in the room, please.”
The paper was passed around, with some of the attendees rolling their eyes as they scribbled down digits.
The paper made its way back to him.
“Thank you everyone. I’ll give this to IT and get it sorted ASAP. Thanks again and good evening.” Clive smiled.
He folded the paper and pocketed it. Good job he was the MD and no one questioned him too much. He’d been dying to ask that new girl Alisha for her number, but GDPR meant HR wouldn’t give it to him…

Nideesh Samant

A weaver or short stories, mostly dark ones…
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Tuesday Poems For Writers #Inspiration – Distractions

Another poem inspired by Lucy of Blonde Write More! The dreaded distractions of Social Media… a hard one for many modern day writers!

 Anti-Social Media

Time to knuckle down
To ponder and to frown
To sit and take a look
At how to better my own book
Computer on, tea by my side
My notes beside me as a guide
I’ll just check my phone
And then my work I’ll hone
A few amusing tweets
Insta had some treats
Click a photo of my workspace
And then I’ll pick up pace
Mustn’t forget my Facebook crew
They need a little attention too
And of course the blog
Jeez, Social Media’s a time hog
Right, now to that edit
Need to unpick it bit by bit
Comb every line for silly errors
Brush away the punctuation terrors
But, Ping! A notification
To my phone, my hand does hasten
I’ll just quickly check again
Clear my emails once, and then
I’ll definitely start my work
I promise I won’t shirk
And… oh! My time is up
Power off and drain my cup

Ritu 2019

Now, with that in mind, I have to tell you that I need to be a good girl, stop with all the other things, and start this edit in earnest!

No promises here, but I may be a little quieter…

Wish me luck!

Finish The Story 2 – Phone Memory @Tanmay_and_Jain @talesOfsuchita

Thanks so much to Tanmay Jain for including me in this collaboration and it’s time for another prompt, this time from Suchita Aggarwal.

Prompt – The last thing I remember …

Phone Memory

Leela frantically searched her bag. Where was it?
This was not good. Where was her phone?
Everything. Everything was on there. Her whole life.
Phone numbers, photos, her calendar, address book, her banking.
Oh God! Head Office were meant to be calling her this morning too, about the promotion. She had to find it.
Come on, Leela, think…. When did you have it last?
The last thing she remembered was checking her emails on it at the café, while waiting for her coffee. She used the app to collect her points and put it down…
Not in her bag, but down, on the counter… Jeez! Stupid woman! She’d left it there!
She glanced at her watch. The train was due in 7 minutes. She might just have time to get to the station café to rescue it.
Leela quickly made her way against the throngs of commuters who were headed on the same train as her.
The café was busy. She jostled past the line of irate caffeine addicts, feebly explaining herself as she went, and got to the front.
But there was no phone.
Someone must have taken it.
Her shoulders sagged. That was it. Life was over. What would she do without her phone?
“Leela!” A voice calling her name registered in her mind. Andre, the barista behind the counter smiled at her and held his arm aloft, holding something. “Looks like you left me an extra tip today!”
Her phone! Thank goodness for being a regular customer!

 Suchita Agarwal
A writer and content creator, Suchita Agarwal believes words are where the magic is. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. She goes by talesofsuchita.

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Tuesday Poems for #Writers #Inspiration – Blurb

Another poem inspired by Lucy of Blonde Write More! Have you ever written a blurb?

 Blurbing It
Tell me, what on earth’s a blurb?
A time your words, you have to curb
Take your thousands of words
Condense them to fifty – Yup, you heard
Make your story sound superb
Years and years crafting your story
Many words celebrated with glory
Now strip it all back
Hack, hack, hack, hack
Cos a blurb is obligatory
Well, you need to find a hook
Make people want to take a look
Those few words, back there
Should make people care
And want to buy your book
Ritu 2019

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