Featured Blogger On Rob’s Blog!

I was kindly asked to be a featured blogger for March by the lovely Rob of Art By Rob Goldstein blog.  If you fancy it, please pop over and have a read!

via Ritu Bhathal, My Featured Blogger for March

Interviewed on Star Words India! #SundayBlogShare

A couple of weeks back I was approached by Shreya, previously known as Yashika in the Blogisphere, with regards to being interviewed for her new blog, Star Words India.

Well, you know me, I like to help out where I can, so I sent the nod, and lo and behold an interview took place!

So, if you are so inclined as to read a little bit more about me, and to visit a new blog, please, follow the link


and you can see what I’ve been rambling about!


Ritu Bhathal Interviewed at Don Massenzio’s Blog!

I had the honour of being interviewed by Don Massenzio! Please take a visit over to his post, and any comments, leave there!

via A Perfect 10 with Ritu Bhathal

I haz been interviewed!

Pop over to Al’s Blog, where he asked me a Dirty Dozen questions…Rein your minds in folks!

Click ME to see the interview!

Blogger Interview

untitledThere I was, the other day… minding my own business, reading blogs and sipping a cup of tea when what should pop up but an invitation to do a ‘Blogger Interview’ by none other than the very talented author, and inspiring writer Sue Vincent of The Daily Echo. I have to say I was honoured to be chosen by her to do this, as she is a fantastic writer, and I eagerly look forward to reading her posts, and haikus that are accompanied by amazing photographic visuals too! If you aren’t a follower already, I strongly recommend that you get on to her blog and check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Anywho, back to the job in hand, here is my ‘interview’! I hope you enjoy it!

How did you get into blogging?
I honestly had no clue about blogging, bloggers and blogs.  Of course I had heard of them, who doesn’t know about these people who were famous bloggers, Perez Hilton, for example, and these posts that got shared on Facebook.. well they came from somewhere, didn’t they?  But I didn’t really think about it too much until a friend of mine shared a post she had written, on hare personal blog. It was a heartfelt piece, and she was writing about her life, and experiences she had had. I read her piece, and felt this urgency to write a comment, but WordPress wanted to know if I was a user, and if so to log in.  If not, why not register?  So I did… then after posting a comment, I became intrigued, and thought it looked like a fun thing to try, and lo and behold, But I Smile Anyway was born!  I have always loved writing, and wanted to get back into it. IMy creative juices were overflowing after a few weeks of blogging, and it hasn’t stopped! My friend has since stopped her writing but I’m coming up to a year now!

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Enjoy yourself. Write what you want to write. I f there is a purpose to your blog, then all well and good, if not post whatever you want, there are always readers there!  Engage in conversations with your readers, and comment on other bloggers posts too.  You build up an amazing community yourself then, people you may not know in reality, but individuals that soon hold a place close to your heart. The support you gain from that interaction will inspire you to write more!

What would be your dream campaign?

Now that is one hard question! I don’t think I Want to write for a campaign as such, but something around education and children would be my thing, if I had to choose!

Do you have a plan for your blog?
I never ever planned to start a blog, so I can’t say I have plans, per se, with it, other than continuing what I do, writing whatever comes to mind, and showcasing anything of interest that I may have written.

What do you think about rankings?
I had no clue about rankings initially, then for a while figures seemed to mean an awful lot to me, checking stats etc. a good few times a day. Now, I write when I want to, for the pleasure.  If I get a ranking that is praiseworthy, I wouldn’t even know it!

To me, the interaction I have with fellow bloggers, has become a daily part of my life.  Yes I do love to write and post, but I am not pressurising myself to write daily, due to personal constraints. However, when I do write, it is something that I feel my Blogily would like to read. I love to know that I make my reader smile. As that is what I try to do every minute of my day.  Smile. 🙂



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