Oh Yes, Another Podcast Featuring Moi!

Oh, yes… Another podcast!!!
This time, Human Stories with @tonylloydradio!

Pop over to hear us chat on about teaching and writing.


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I Have Been Podcasted!

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that I have been featured on a wonderful podcast, Great Writers Share!


I was honoured to be asked on as a guest, and I hope you have the time to listen.

GWS #53 – Ritu Bhathal

Hello everybody! This week I got to sit down with chick pea lit author Ritu Bhathal!

In this episode we go deep into:

  • • Where Ritu’s journey began
  • • How life can prioritize over writing
  • • Starting a blog on a whim without a plan
  • • Indian family customs
  • • How writing groups and accountability can help lift you up and keep you on track
  • • Publishing Poetry vs a Novel
  • • How having a support system is instrumental in the writing process
  • • Stationary and her vast collection of brush pens
  • • Being realistic when it comes to balancing everyday life and getting words written
  • • What her writing advice is for new writers

Listen now: https://pod.link/1473869415

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The RD Collective Podcast Featuring Ritu Bhathal 😊

Sometimes, little things you do, off hand, can create a wave that becomes something much bigger.

Bitmoji Image

This happened to me a few weeks ago, off the back of a simple Tweet Tag that I decided to get involved in.

That Tweet!

I was approached by a fellow writer and blogger with regards to being interviewed for a podcast, after she had read my answers.

Well, I do like to try new things, and after my really fun phone interview with my blog sis Annette Rochelle Aben for her Tell Me A Story series, I thought, “why not?”

So… Podcast… that’s something that people listen to… then Misty sent me an invitation to a video conference… Eeeeks! Was I going to be videoed and my image sent around the world???

Bitmoji Image


No, Ritu, it’s just a means to get the interview recorded and a way for the recording to sound like a conversation, rather than a stilted, rehearsed exchange!

(Didn’t stop me getting my hair done, specially… Just needed an excuse!)

Anyway, the recording happened a while ago, and it finally went live!

So, if you’d like to listen to my ramblings… please visit here or click below.

I’d love for you to listen, and let me know what you think!

And Misty, I apologise that I didn’t even cover half the things in the original tweet, regarding the award, Slimming World and my curls!

I Have Been Interviewed…On Radio No Less!

A few weeks ago the lovely Annette contacted me, asking if I would like to take part in her Radio Podcast Tell Me A Story on the radio station The Magic Happens.

I was tentative, nervous even, but a tad excited too… and you know me, I can be like a young excitable puppy sometimes!

The other night we sat ourselves comfortably down for a chat that should have lasted half an hour, but went on into the ‘over an hour’ range! And the interview was born! So if you would like to spend just a measly half an hour listening to my inane ramblings, and Annette’s dulcet tones, please click here or below…


The Podcasts are in alphabetical order and I see I am in very good company, but mine happens to be at the top!

So please, have a listen and let me know what you think!


Pull up a chair and get cozy as we take you to England so you can enjoy this podcast of Tell Me a Story featuring Ritu Bhathal. She’s a lady who makes many of us look like we are standing still, what with being a wife, mother, daughter, teacher and friend. On top of all that, Ritu […]

via Tell Me a Story Ritu Bhathal — Annette Rochelle Aben

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