What Unites Humanity?: A BeWoW Blogger’s Post

Annette has sparked a poetry sharing frenzy with her Random Acts Of Poetry post!

She suggested dropping poetic lines anywhere and everywhere, and I would have done that, but being a little unwell I couldn’t… so I share one I wrote a while back for Ronovan’s BeWoW challenge!


A simple heart, beating strong
Crimson blood running through veins long.
A pair of lungs breathing fast
A skeleton that’s built to last…

Muscles, tissues, fat, and skin
The important thing it’s all encased in

White, black, yellow, or brown…
But why do some of these raise a frown?
Why concern for some, and hate for others?
Are we not all sisters and brothers?

Is each body not the same?
Just the difference of a name?
A bit less melanin here, than there
That that makes you superior, I was not aware…

Respect life, no matter what creed
For every colour has a need
Humanity in harmony, what I’d love to see
A dream for all?… Or is it just me…

Inspired by Ronovan’s #BeWoW weekly post share

But I Smile Anyway...

I Have Been Interviewed…On Radio No Less!

A few weeks ago the lovely Annette contacted me, asking if I would like to take part in her Radio Podcast Tell Me A Story on the radio station The Magic Happens.

I was tentative, nervous even, but a tad excited too… and you know me, I can be like a young excitable puppy sometimes!

The other night we sat ourselves comfortably down for a chat that should have lasted half an hour, but went on into the ‘over an hour’ range! And the interview was born! So if you would like to spend just a measly half an hour listening to my inane ramblings, and Annette’s dulcet tones, please click here or below…


The Podcasts are in alphabetical order and I see I am in very good company, but mine happens to be at the top!

So please, have a listen and let me know what you think!


Pull up a chair and get cozy as we take you to England so you can enjoy this podcast of Tell Me a Story featuring Ritu Bhathal. She’s a lady who makes many of us look like we are standing still, what with being a wife, mother, daughter, teacher and friend. On top of all that, Ritu […]

via Tell Me a Story Ritu Bhathal — Annette Rochelle Aben

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