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It’s all about me talking too much… Not much changed there!!!

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This is the second post from the wonderfully varied archives of poet and author Ritu Bhathal. This week I have selected a post dear to heart. I love people watching and having spent considerable time in airports for work and pleasure, I will talk to anyone who dares to sit next to me. I do try to behave myself on long haul flights, but it is amazing what you can find out about someone in 10 hours!

Conversations with random strangers 2017 by Ritu Bhathal


Anyone who knows me will willingly confirm the following fact… I can talk for England!

And, though not verbal, once I start a comment rally , even on here, I find it hard to stop!

So it stands to reason, where there’s an opportunity to talk to someone, anyone, I will happily take it!

You can end up having lovely conversations with older people…

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