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Psssst! I have some news!

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Check it out on my other blog!

Source: Blog Tour Offical, That’s Me! – Ritu Bhathal

Tweaks And Things – You Can Always Make It Better

Yes, it’s time for a little update on my other website. If you want to see what’s been going on in bookland, click below!

New Year, New Book. What Next?

Well, hello again Peeps, from the author side of me, this time…

Please, head over to my other site, www to hear some more news about this year, and that book, too!

Of Blurbs, And Other Things

Guess who’s got some BIG news about my book Marriage Unarranged?

Click the link below to find out!

When It’s Time To Commit #CoverReveal for Marriage Unarranged – Ritu Bhathal

OMG Peeps! The cover is out there!

Please click below to get your first glimpse of my soon-to-be published novel, Marriage Unarranged!

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And make sure you’re following me at to find out when it’s due to be published!

Source: When It’s Time To Commit #CoverReveal for Marriage Unarranged – Ritu Bhathal

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