So, what did you do?

Well. We have now seen the new year in, it kinda crawled into our household…

Sat at my in laws house, watching the London fireworks on TV, not toasting the end of one year and advent of a new one, because yes, I would be driving home!

Kids high on an excess of sugar because there is far too much available to them, and no one has the energy to stop them reaching for that third candy cane/fifth biscuit… But no Coke! I draw the line at fizzy drinks lol!

So as I said, it kinda crawled in, then we got home to wish our beautiful Sonu Singh his first Happy New Year! He was sat at the front door waiting for us… It’s very rare that mummy and daddy and the crazy kids leave him during an evening, so he was a bit lonely… I felt awful, looking at his little face, staring up at me! I’m sorry gorgeous kitty! As a treat, he slept on my bed, bless him!

So, late wake ups for all, especially for Hubby Dearest… Yes, I had the driving to do, he didn’t!

Then a visit to the Gurdwara, to give thanks for all we have experienced in the past year, and to seek blessings for the one to come. Oh and eat lunch!

Pop in to the in laws, say hello all, then back home to vegetate…
And vegetate we did! I got straight back into my PJ’s and TV in, slouched in bed all day! Kids ran round the house like loons, as usual, and occasionally joined me in my bed, Hubby Dearest pottering around and enjoying setting up his new phone.

Dinner, oops, somehow a pizza got delivered…. See, that healthy life thing is not starting today… But personally I think I’m better at starting theses things on a Monday! Roll on a better me! (Cone Monday… And I haven’t specified which Monday either!😝)

Bath for kids and bed again…

Yup, a chilled start to the New Year, I liked that!

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