Welcoming In The New!

New year, new schedule, new plans, new ideas!

Happy New Year my Peeps!

2019 is finally upon us. The last year of this decade!

Let’s make it a fantastic one, yeah!

Remember, I may be a little quiet on the posting front, but I am still here!

Bitmoji Image
A beautiful start
To a fresh new year
Blank pages to fill
With all that you hear
Write your own story
Make this the one
Where you realise your dreams
Go on, make this one fun

Ritu 2019

First poem of the year! I need to get used to writing 2019!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 202 – Wave The Old Goodbye…


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

Well, here it is. The last Sunday of 2018.

Where did that year go? Seriously, it has flown by and I can’t quite believe it.

It’s been eventful in so many ways, with work and stress, family and stress, writing and stress… I think you get the gist of what I am saying. 2018 was filled with a whole lot of stress for me, but there were many good points too.

My dream for next year is to be able to take more time for me.

So I don’t fall into the stress potholes of life so easily.

So I can deal with work issues without worry.

So I can handle the inevitable ups and downs of family life calmly

So I can really work on this writing malarkey and fulfil one of my biggest dreams…

That’s my wish for you all too. More time for self care so you feel refreshed for your daily lives. ❤

So… tell me, what new dreams are you hoping to realise in 2019?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your New Year’s Celebration! Wishing you a prosperous 2019 ❤ 


Goodbye 2017…

Well… what a year!

Blogging-wise, I have had a totally EPIC year!

As I write this post, the stats tell me I have;

  • written over 2700 posts since I started my blog three years ago
  • over 250,000 views on here
  • nearly 80,000 visitors!
  • over 5,100 WP followers
  • almost 1500 extra followers on Social Media

Er, WOW!


  • I completed Sacha’s 52-word #Writespiration challenge – a fiction piece every week for 52 weeks.
  • I’ve not missed Sue’s #WritePhoto challenge each week either, and the last few weeks have developed into the continuing story of Barbie and Ken!
  • I’ve haiku-ed every week with Rononvan Hester’s Weekly Haiku Challenge
  • I have streamed my consciousness with Linda every Saturday, and one-linered each Wednesday
  • I started to learn new poetry forms via Colleen and her weekly Poetry Challenge on a Tuesday
  • I was introduced to Charli Mills and her Carrot Ranch, and was proud to have entered all her #FFRodeo challenges in November. I then went on to stretch my creative brain with her 99-word weekly prompts for flash fiction  .  And humbled that I was given an honourable mention in the last TUFF contest!

Then Spidey has played a part each and every Sunday – finding me amazingly inspirational quotes to share and discuss with you all.

I started my year deciding to take part in Linda G. Hill’s #JusJoJan, where she provided us with prompts (actually we provided her with prompts to them provide to the rest!) for each day in January.

I enjoyed the daily post so much that I set up my own month of posts for February, entitled #Lovuary.

This ended and March arrived with another idea…#MusicalMarch!

After three months of posting each day, I made a silent pact to myself… I would try to post something

EVERY DAY of 2017…

That was sometimes a bit of a struggle, but I managed it! And I was inspired by Lucy of Blonde Write More, who did this a couple of years ago. I was in awe of her!

Hearing everyone writing about #NaNoWriMo made me think. That age-old WIP was gathering dust and I wanted to do something about it. November is not a good month for me, work-wise so I devised my own month of creative writing – #RiNoWriMo – in August – a time when I could devote a few hours a day to writing – and I managed to write over 50,000 more words! It’s still not finished… but getting there!


I have been a member of a fantastic group on Facebook, started by the amazing Suzie of Suzie Speaks. It’s called Big Up Your Blog, and has helped me engage with [even] more bloggers and allowed my posts to be shared across so many more social media platforms…


I should also mention here bloggers who have been epic at sharing more or less all my posts since they followed me! Steven, of The Militant Negro, Michael, of Die Erste Eslarner Zeitung, and Robbie of  Robbie’s Inspiration.

I was even interviewed on radio by the most amazing blogger and creative poet, Annette Rochelle Aben. It’s the most wonderful experience to talk to someone you have been following for a long while – the connection was immediate!

A HUGE achievement for me has to be what happened in June… at the Annual Bloggers Bash.

There I was, quietly baking away, to bring some nibbles to the event, enjoying the anticipation of getting to meet some wonderful members of my Blogily, when the awards were announced, and I was voted Best Overall Blogger!!!!!!


Now I am looking forward to the 4th Annual Bash… tickets already paid for! May 19th – if you are interested!!!

And, for my own bragging rights, (and thanks to you that downloaded the book…) my poetry book, Poetic RITUALS, hit #1 in the Amazon Kindle chart! If you are interested, you can get it by clicking – myBook.to/PoeticRITUals


And I can only offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you out there who have tirelessly read my posts, taken the time to comment on them, and some of you have featured me on your blogs as a guest, and even popped over to have a cup of virtual tea with me too!

You truly are an extension of my family each and every one of you – my Blogily 💖

If I was to mention everyone, this would be a novel sized post, so I’ll leave it at this – you know who you are, and I appreciate you very much, my blog sisters and brothers!

And what has this blog got to offer you, my Peeps, my Blogily, next year?

Well, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year celebration!

I hope you end your 2017 with many positive thoughts, and may your 2018 be filled with plenty more!


One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – New Beginnings


“Bank the past, embrace the present and look towards the future with a positive mind.” – Ritu

The new year is almost upon us and it is that time to reflect upon the days gone by, and those to follow.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018 for everyone!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

Bye Bye 2015! Well Hello 2016!!


New Year fast approaching!


Well, as I scroll down my reader there are so many posts, about the new year. There are plenty of the WordPress reports, which I too posted, and then the reviews of the past year, and then those with goals for 2016.

Looking back, 2015 was a pretty amazing year in many ways for me, both with my blog, and in reality!

I went from just starting out, to over 1200 WP followers! I got the courage up to post some of a book I started many years ago, and got so much encouragement from those who read it, that I now need to find time to finish it! I discovered a talent for writing things that people actually want to read! That still surprises me to this day! To think, the goings on in my daily life could interest others! And there is the wonderful community I have become a part of.  The people who I have interacted with on WP have been amazing, and I have found some people who I truly count as friends, and some, closer than that, my Blogily!

In reality, I finally took the plunge, did my Return to Teach course and got me a real Teaching job! I see my children growing up, becoming fascinating, opinionated characters (More blogger fodder for me!), and generally, life has been good!


So, what do I expect from 2016?

Well, I don’t like to shoot too high, but hey we should all have dreams, shouldn’t we?

I hope I find the time to finish my Wedded Stress novel!

I hope that my first year of teaching ends with success, and that I manage to control that crazy bunch of kids, and teach them something that will help them in life!

I hope to attend the Annual Bloggers Bash this year to meet some of the inspirational writers I have followed and interacted with over this last year.


Then there are those things… those resolutions… the things you diligently say you will do, then forget after a few days!

Well, I’m not one for making resolutions, but there are a few changes I would like to make…

  • Get a little healthier, you know, no full boxes of Malteasers, just a few, eating a little better, maybe getting back on the exercise wagon. I’ll try, we’ll see what happens!
  • Give more time to my family. I am constantly rushing around, and feel like we have no quality time together. The kids are growing fast, and Lil Man starts Secondary school in September. Hubby and I need alone time too!
  • I want to be better on my blog at not just reading and liking others posts, but I want to be more active in commenting on others blogs too.
  • I shall continue to reblog any awards I am nominated for, as they are time consuming, and my life means I can’t give them the time they deserve, but, by reblogging, I hope to give that person a few new views, and show my gratitude that way. Of course if it is something new,  I shall try my hardest to take part!

And with all that in mind, all that remains, is for me to wish you, my gorgeous Peeps, a very prosperous, and happy new year! May 2016 bring all the things you wish for, and give you the successes you all so deserve! Love and luck to you all, and most of all, many many smiles!





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