Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 11th, 2022 Cosmopolitan

It’s been a while since I took part in Linda’s JusJoJan month-long prompts, but, since I vowed to be creative, here goes!

Today is January 11th, so this is the 11th prompt for Just Jot it January 2022, and it’s brought to us by Willow. Thanks, Willow! Please be sure to visit her blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there, if you’re not already.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 11th, 2022, is “cosmopolitan.” Use the word “cosmopolitan” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

When I think about Cosmopolitan, three things spring to mind.

  1. The Magazine
  2. The Drink
  3. Sex And The City

As a teenager, I thought myself every so grown up, and ‘with it’ when I bought the magazine, as a teen, not realising that there were more adverts than articles in there! Still, it was to get this glossy publication filled with fabulous photos, and some interesting (sometimes naughty)reading.

I’d never even really heard of the cocktail, until I began watching Sex and the City, and yet, it still took me many years to actually try one.

Even then, it was a ready-mix variety I have purchased from the supermarket. Quite yummy, and extremely potent, was this particular mix.

It got the thumbs up from my sister-in-law and me, anyway!

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennie
    Jan 15, 2022 @ 15:26:15

    These are the three things that pop into my mind, too. When the Mermatrons have a summer weekend at the lake, we always start the weekend with cosmopolitans. And, the magazine was my favorite as a teenager.

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  2. Erika
    Jan 12, 2022 @ 19:29:31

    I’ve never seen a single episode of Sex and the City but I know the drink when even I never had one… lol

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  3. thereluctantpoet
    Jan 12, 2022 @ 17:11:52

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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  4. lssattitudeofgratitude
    Jan 12, 2022 @ 00:59:02

    All 3 entered my mind with the prompt too. I remember Cosmo being a no no for “good girld” to read.

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  5. willowdot21
    Jan 12, 2022 @ 00:21:43

    I still have to try the cocktail 😀😀😀

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  6. dennyho
    Jan 11, 2022 @ 21:19:00

    yes, yes, and yes! to your 1, 2, and 3. all very cosmopolitan…

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