FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge Holiday Special – Santa’s Cookies

Ronovan is back with his Friday Fiction Prompts, and so, here I am, jumping on the first one in a while!

Prompt for Challenge

  • ‘Santa arrives at the home of Harry Potter where the Potter children have left cookies and milk for Santa to eat. He does. What happens next?’ REQUIRED
  • Word Count is 500 words or lessREQUIRED

Santa’s Cookies

After checking his list, Santa rummaged around in his sack and located the presents for the Potter children. Setting them under the tree, he made his way back to the fireplace, ready to leave, when he noticed the snacks.

“Now, this looks rather interesting.” Santa removed his soot-covered mask, dislodging a few black particles, before smoothing his snow-white beard.

A hand-written note accompanied the plates and glass.

 Deer Santa,

 We howp yoo hav a gud trip arownd the world toniyt.
 We hav been veri gud this yeer.
 Mummy sez my spelling is getting beter, but my spells are perfec.
 Howp you lyk the cukiys and caruts.

 Love from
 Teddy and lily and albus and james
 (but mostly Teddy bcos I mayd the cukiys )

“Milk and cookies, as usual, but these cookies seem to have a certain glow about them.” He took a bite, the biscuit melting in his mouth. It wasn’t long before he’d emptied the plate, and drained the glass of milk, letting out a small belch, after.

Santa rubbed his belly and smiled at the other small plate, which displayed carrots for the reindeer. Emptying them into his pocket, he popped his mask back on and whooshed back up the chimney.

The reindeer stood patiently on the roof. Santa felt in his pockets and found the carrots, speedily offering them to the waiting animals, who snuffled them up within seconds.

He settled into the sleigh, and with a shake of the reins, the sleigh and Santa disappeared into the night.

The scuffling noise from above stopped, and little Teddy stepped out from behind the curtains.

“Wow! I really did get to see Santa! The others won’t believe me. They never do. But I did. I saw him. And he read my letter and ate all my cookies. I do hope my spells worked. I’d hate for Christmas to come to a halt because Santa ended up with the virus. The cookies and carrots were magic, so they don’t get sick. Well, I hope they were, anyway.”

He glanced at the pile of presents left behind and smiled.

“I’ve definitely been a good boy this year.”

I’m not a HP fan, so I hope I did okay with this one!

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