Daydreamer Challenge Day 7 Part 1 – My Favourite Day


Today’s Post Here!

Well, its been a great week, doing these little challenges that Caitlin had cooked up for us! I signed up full of beans, then realised that I wasn’t even at home for the best part of the challenge!  Still, phone in hand, I completed all of them, in the right way I hope!  It was fun!

Caitlin asks, for our final challenge, to say what our favourite day, and challenge was in the 6 days previous… I have to say, I can’t choose one to be honest, as I enjoyed them all!  It was great to be given the inspiration to write with, and the meeting of new bloggers was also fantastic!

But yesterday was a good one, especially as we were able to answer each other’s questions, and get to know each other, and our opinions a little too!

There was a little of everything there, from creative, to personal writing, and even the chance to use pictures if we wanted, what more could a challenge thirsty blogger want?!

Thanks for this week Caitlin!!!!

Feel kinda sad its all done with….

Daydreamer Challenge Day 6 – Questions Questions… Answers Answers!


Day 6 challenge Here.

Caitlin has some questions generated from yesterday’s challenge that she would like us all to answer…

Caitlin’s Question – Can you believe it is coming to the end of the daydreamer challenge?

It has gone surprisingly fast! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take part initially as I was away, but I managed somehow!

Just Call Me Elm Or Something – If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favourite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them?

I feel that those in have grown close to, are like my friends already, and I think it would be like meeting long lost friends!

Bubbakavangha – How do you describe your mind?

Oh a depressing well full of all sorts of craziness… The deeper you go, the more surprising things you find!

My Question – Would you like one of your posts to go viral?

I guess I would love it to happen, once, for the right reasons, because something I wrote hit a nerve!

Silver Sparkling Stories – What’s your biggest fear?

Losing my family, always has been..,

A Random Person Called Annie – How did you feel after you posted your first ever post?

I really had no clue whether anyone would read it to be honest… So it was a pleasant surprise to get a like on it!!

One Sip At A Time – What’s your favourite phone app?

At the moment, my WordPress one as I can stay on top of most things! And my different photo editing apps!

K.E Wilson – Where do you draw your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from here, there and everywhere, I don’t have a muse as such, life is my inspiration, and those around me…

Lrod’s Blog – Would you rather have your blog go viral or keep t as it is (small audience)?

I’d love my blog to become popular, but it’s not the be all and end all of the reason I blog. If it was big, I couldn’t keep the personal touch, I guess, like answering everyone’s comments, or acknowledging them at least…

Gess Pressing Words – What is the most awkward situation you’ve ever been in?

There’s not one that comes to mind, I find myself in so many!!! The old foot in mouth situations are some of the worst!

Sophie Speaks Up – If you could have someone’s blog for a month, whose blog would it be?

I couldn’t trust myself with another persons blog!!!

Rogue Vogue – If you were to re-write the dictionary for the year 2030, what one word would you like to change the description of, and why?

Ooh! Interesting! Ok… Hmm… The word Goal. I’d change its meaning to teddy bear, so when all those supposedly manly men in the footy matches score, and shout GOAAAAAL!!!!!!!! They are actually saying Teddy Bear!!! Silly I know, but I hate football!

And that was a hard one to answer!!!

Annemarie & Life – What is your favourite part of the day? (could be a time or an activity etc.)

Bedtime!!! Because I am exhausted usually, and love my bed!

Edwina’s Episodes – Have you ever taken down a post because it offended someone?

No, I actually have to think before posting… My mum told me she loves all my posts, but the two she wasn’t too keen on was my Vagina Facial one, and the one about Changes in Hair over the decades, because they were crude for her… But hey they were funny!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

The Daydreamer Challenge Day 5 – Why Blog?


Today’s challenge…here…!

So, why do I blog?  I think I’ve touched on this a few times when answering questions on award tags, but essentially, I blog because I enjoy it!

A short 4 months ago a friend of mine started a blog, as a way to air her views about people in her life, and it was a way to vent her views and frustrations.  I read the first post and was so impressed, I went to like it, and as it was on WordPress, I needed to log in, or sign up.  Well, that was like a red rag to a bull for me! Sign up? Yes please! then there was the option to start a blog of my own… Why not I thought! But what was I going to blog about?

Ever since I was young, I have liked to write, and this seemed like a way to get back into it, and on the way see whether there was anything that I wrote that was actually read and appreciated by others!  I have written stories, and started what I would like to be proper books in the past but never been able to finish them. Plus I generally talk too much, and this was a way to control my verbal diarrhoea! I could spout out via my keyboard, and if someone wanted to read, they could, or else just scroll on!

Slowly I ventured through test posts, to a bit of fiction, poetry, memories, recipes, photos, my thoughts and opinions, day to day posts about my family and obviously Sonu Singh, the cat! Slowly things picked up and I got such wonderful feedback from those that had started to follow me, and it has made me feel like hey, I actually can write, and what I write does appeal to someone out there!

Back to some of my favourite posts… that’s a hard one, as I have written rather a lot!
Twelve Days Of Holidays Poetry
But You’re OK Opinions
Purrrrst Love Sonu Singh
32″ Waist Here I come! Opinions
The Coffee Shop Fiction

The following two are my own brand genre of fiction, Chick Pea Lit Curry, girlie fiction with an Indian Masala twist!
Nikki’s World Part 1
Nikki’s World Part 2

There are so many that I enjoyed writing, but these are a flavour of me, I guess!

What do I want to achieve from blogging?

I don’t think that there is anything I really wish to achieve, other than continue to develop my love of words… And if somewhere within that experience, someone out there feels I might have a talent, they can encourage me, and push me to do what I would love and that is to write full time! Other than that, if I entertain you, I am happy!

A question for my fellow bloggers…

Would you like one of your posts to go viral?

Ok, Adios Amigos! ‘Til tomorrow!

But I Smile Anyway...

Daydreamer Challenge Day 4 – Blogging Tips From the Heart


Today’s challenge… Day 4

So, as a relatively new blogger, little over 4 months old, I have to say I’m pretty proud of little old me…
Over 540 followers, nearly 16,500 hits, many awards… Its overwhelming to be honest, but in a nice way!
Whether I had 5 followers or 500, though, I wouldn’t do anything differently.
*A big thing I would say to you, is write from the heart, if that’s the type of blog you are, there are many of us who love to read reality, and emotional, family based posts!
*Interact with your readers, answer comments, so they know you care about their responses.
*If you are following blogs, read, and if you like, then ‘like’ it, and leave a comment!
*Through the above two tips, you are building a rapport between you and others in your community.
*Join some blog parties, to get yourself out there, then when you feel confident, host your own! I did, its been a huge success! Check it out here!
*If you’re not too confident, try the Blogging 101 courses, they help immensely with setting up your blog page, helping you understand features.
*If you are lucky to get a bigger blog supporting you, don’t be shy to ask for help! I wasn’t… Tom from Cats At The Bar helped me loads, along with another few bloggers!

There we have a few tips! I hope there is something there that would help someone!

But I Smile Anyway...

Daydreamer Challenge Day 3 – Blog about a Blog!!


Day 3 and Caitlin has requested us to write about another blog…here…

Wow! How do you choose just one blog??!!

Well, I already knew, as soon as I read this who I would write about, purely because we seem to gelled so well!
Its gotta be Edwina’s Episodes!
We happened upon one another a couple of months back, and I have to say its one of the blogs who’s posts I won’t miss!
Edwina and I have found a wealth of similarities from the area we live in, to our general outlook on life! The way we blog is so similar too! Click on the link and you’ll see for yourself! There is humour, poetry, family life, opinions… Its great! And best of all, she’s a communicative blogger, always happy to interact with her readers, and to comment on posts she reads herself!
If you’re looking for a read that will bring a smile to your lips, please, click

But I Smile Anyway...

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