April 23: Flash Fiction Challenge – I Can’t See You, Love

Charli’s Carrot Ranch prompt, this week:

April 23, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about distance dating. It can be any genre, era, or setting. Who is dating, and why the distance? How do the characters overcome, accept, or break up because of the distance? Go where the prompt leads!

I Can’t See You, Love

“But I miss you, Boo Boo. I can’t help it.” Hari could hear Jeena’s pout down the phone.

“I know, baby, but what can we do? This lockdown is hard on everyone.”

“Yes, but they weren’t meant to be getting married in June and had to cancel. It’s not fair. My beautiful outfit, the reception, the cake… all cancelled!”

He was glad she couldn’t see him rolling his eyes. The wedding plans had been off the scale… maybe it was a good thing, this lockdown. He’d definitely had more time to think.

Maybe Jeena wasn’t the one for him…

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