Spidey’s Serene Sunday #415 – Mothers & Daughters

“As is the mother, so is the daughter.”

Ezekiel 16;44

What an apt quote today, after the last week, Spidey.

I took Lil Princess to get a haircut last weekend and had a trim, myself. I took one picture of myself, and for the first time, it really hit me how much I look like my mum!

More occasions this week corroborated the fact, as certain little people kept calling me by the name they use for my mum… innocently saying, “Sorry, but you look so much like her!”

And my brother stated with shock, I think, at how much I resemble or mother now.

That’s not a bad thing.

Each wrinkle and line has developed through the smiles and laughter in my life.

When I look at my mother’s eyes, her love shines through as she smiles, and those little lines around the edges show the depths of her love for us all.

My Mum is a beautiful person, inside and out. It’s an honour to see her so clearly in my reflection. I notice the crinkles at the sides of my eyes, the lines beginning to appear in different places.

I hope that is what others see in me, too.

And, that it is not only the outside that resembles her but what she stands for, inside,

So, Peeps, how closely do you resemble your parents? 😊

My interactive peeps!

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