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Today's front page of The Sun

There has been an awful incident in Spain. A man is in jail for killing a man.
So, these things happen, we all know that. Punishment where punishment is due.

This case hit home a little closer as the accused is known to people I know. I’ve seen him, never met him.

But the situation it occurred in, now that’s a different matter.

The victim, if you could call him that, was a suspected paedophile, who already had a case open against him for possessing child pornography.

The accused, a father, who noticed him taking pictures of his children without permission, and despite being asked to refrain from taking pictures, he continued.

I don’t have the full details but, as always with cases like these, details vary. Allegedly, the accused took the iPad from the ‘victim’ to delete the pictures and saw older pictures which were of a pornographic nature of other children, and he flipped.

Some say it was one frustrated angry punch from a protective father, who then left with his family. Other reports said in excess of 10 punches were thrown at the ‘victim’ and he was dragged around. He later died in hospital.

The accused is now held in jail in Spain, awaiting his hearing.

That, at the moment, is all I know, but what do you think?
How would you react in this situation?
Was he wrong to want to protect his children from a possibly dangerous, sick man?
Should he have just ignored it?
Had a shouting match?
A civilized conversation?

If that was me, as a parent, I would be fuming. I know my Hubby Dearest’s blood would boil too. Possibly a physical reaction would occur.

I would never wish anyone dead, but I can’t condone that kind of sick behaviour of the ‘victim’.

(Incidentally, the paper in the picture, was more interested in the ‘victim’s’ connection with Katie Price than the actual story. The accused got a paragraph mention…)

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