Oh Brother!

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Some days, I sit here, wanting to tear my hair out, watching the little people squabble with each other. “Mummy!!!!! He changed the channel!” “Mummy! she touched my light sabers!” “Mummy!! He said a bad word!”( usually something REALLY bad, like… Stupid!) I often tell them I’ve changed my name, mummy isn’t here, sort it out yourselves. Many times I have screamed like a banshee (not that it works), and am on the point of pulling my hair out, when I remember…

*dream sequence/flashback*
Many years ago, it was my poor, long suffering mother in the same position, being the referee between my Darling Brother and I!

Oh my! The feelings were sometimes bordering on pure hatred between us, well, with the limited emotional experience at the tender ages of 6 and 9, this was as strong a hatred as we probably knew (for our sibling, oh and also for things like vegetables)!

The fighting over the best seat in the living room, the last chocolate… Actually, scrap that. Do you know what? Thinking back, I know that we had that all typical big sister/little brother relationship, full of petty squabbles, pushes and shoves, but I really can’t remember any one time that made my blood boil! Ask the 15 year old me that same question, and I’d probably have a list a mile long!

The things I remember, are how cute he actually was, even in anger! His obsession with being a policeman, carrying a toy gun everywhere. In fact we were at the airport, about to board a flight to visit family in Kenya and he sparked an alert! So said ‘toy’ gun got confiscated, and he never got it back!

And when my Big Sister love and protective instinct really kicked in! Those who know me, know I am a pretty chilled person, not argumentative, or confrontational at all, but one day, at a cousin’s house, I was chatting with my girl cousins and he was outside with the boyz. I overheard someone saying something to him, and honestly, I can’t remember what, but the feeling of ‘ how dare you say that to MY brother!’ kicked in. I rushed outside, and squared up to said cousin, and said “how dare you say…(whatever) to my brother?” And promptly punched him in the mouth! So now I can say, not with great pride, that I gave someone a bloody mouth with one punch! This lovely cousin and I reminisce and laugh over it now! He’s a dad of 2 now and so calm, and peaceful, but then, he was like a whirlwind, a Tasmanian Devil, always getting up to mischief!

My brother and I grew up, he went to boarding school, I was at home then went off to university. This was when our relationship really started to change. He started asking my opinion, and, sometimes, valuing my advice. And I realized that this little brother was not so little anymore. He sometimes even talked sense!!! Slowly my brother was becoming a young man. Interested in girls, going out with the lads, and he’d tell me about things going on in his life.

We started to share our little secrets with each other, and we weren’t judging one another, we were being each other’s support. And this has continued. He’s been living abroad for a while now. He travelled around after I got married, did things I didn’t get a chance to do… Lived in Dubai, met his would-be wife, and now is settled in Finland.

We don’t get to chat as often as I’d like, and seeing each other face to face… hardly! But, as I posted before, Skype is a great thing! I love him to bits, and my wonderful sister-in-law too. Wouldn’t change them for anything… However, if I could change anything, it would be their location! Nearer us, with my beautiful nephew would be great, but that’s not in my hands!

So thinking back to the start of this post, I know the monkeys are always at each others throats, at the moment, but if they have a relationship anything like me and my brother’s, it will be the most sacred, beautiful relationship around! Siblings… No one else can appreciate your family foibles like your siblings! And accept you for who you are.

Love you Darling Brother! πŸ’žπŸ’•

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  1. kenneth
    May 29, 2017 @ 13:50:10

    You’re right we can only hope… we can’t force! Also, my kids, they can make fun of each other but they are totally sticking together.

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  2. Echo
    Dec 12, 2016 @ 02:00:03

    Aww this. My life’s goal was to make my boys bff’s. you can’t actually do that ofc but we got lucky and they are anyway.
    I just love this blog. Makes me smile. E.

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  3. Erika Kind
    Dec 11, 2016 @ 15:18:48

    It can be so different. I have had such a relationship with the older of my two younger sisters. We are more on the same wave in our way of thinking and feeling. Also, my kids, they can make fun of each other but they are totally sticking together. They did fight too but it has changed when they grew older. So, your kids will change too. It is simply this age!

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  4. robbiesinspiration
    Dec 11, 2016 @ 09:49:44

    What a wonderful post. I have three sisters and they are all amazing now (but not when we were growing up).

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  5. syl65
    Dec 11, 2016 @ 00:43:38

    Thanks for sharing the sibling circle of love. Wonderful memories to look back on Sister!

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  6. Judy E Martin
    Dec 11, 2016 @ 00:41:38

    That is a wonderful post Sis. I have got three brothers all older and two sisters and although we used to fight a lot as kids we get on so much better as adults! πŸ™‚

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  7. dornahainds
    Dec 10, 2016 @ 23:03:18

    Marvelous! 🌹

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  8. NJ
    Dec 10, 2016 @ 21:29:44

    Such a beautiful post πŸ™‚ It always happen πŸ™‚ when you are young and living together you just fight like you would kill each other πŸ˜› but once one of you sets foot outside home, the distance make you feel the special love that no one can replace in this whole world πŸ™‚ Siblings are true blessing of god πŸ™‚

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    • Ritu
      Dec 10, 2016 @ 21:46:10

      They truly are. When these two.of mine squabble I tell.them that one day they will be the best of friends… but at 8 and 11 they just don’t believe me… yet!!! 😊



  9. willowdot21
    Dec 10, 2016 @ 21:24:25

    Siblings an’t live with them can’t live without them!

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