10 Bookish Questions… The Last Book I… #bookish #books #reader

10 Bookish Questions: ‘The Last Book I…’

I discovered this fun post on Shelley’s blog, I Write, I Read, I Review, and thought I’d give it a go.

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1. The last book I gave up on.That was a long time ago, and I can’t even remember the name of the book! It was something like White Rose, a historical saga, and I usually love those, but could I get into it? Nope!

2. The last book I re-read. I have to say, woth all the books on my TBR pile it is not often that I reread books, but one I remember rereading was My Sweet Audrina by Virginia Andrews, and of course, the countless picture books I love to read to my class at school!

3. The last book I bought. The Cactus by Sarah Haywood because I liked the cover!

4. The last book I said I read but actually didn’t. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever done that… I just say ” No, haven’t read that…I’ll put it on my TBR pile!

5. The last book I wrote in the margins.  Nope, sorry, I can’t do that! I can’t write in books I love! Probably the last would be my A-Level texts for English because I had to!!! That would be Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstein Are Dead!

6. The last book I had signed.  I think the last book I had physically signed by the author was Sacha Black’s guide to creating Superbad Villains! But that was 2 years ago! Since then though I have received books in the post from special authors, that have had lovely messages written in them for me.

7. The last book I lost.   I don’t think I have really lost books, but they have in the past been donated to charity, when I haven’t had space for more, they the regret kicks in…

8. The last book I had to replace.  Continuing from the last question…
I think some were my childhood favourites by Enid Blyton, like the Mallory Towers and St Claires series. I bought them again!

9. The last book I argued over.  I don’t think I have ever argued over a book! But I have found certain ones hard to read, that have been recommended to me by others. I just swallow it and carry on with the next good read!

10. The last book I couldn’t find. A book you can’t find? Do you not know about Amazon and Ebay?? I think I have always managed to find books I wanted to read, and if I wasn’t having much luck, then I would always find another book to distract my search!

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If you want to have a go, you can answer the book tag questions too!

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  1. Rae Longest
    Jan 04, 2019 @ 10:30:16

    I put this in “holds” and now it’s too late and too long to answer it. I’ll try to “do better by you” in the coming year! LOL I did enjoy reading your answers.

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  2. Carol Anne
    Jan 03, 2019 @ 11:53:08

    I love enid Blyton! st. clares and Mallory towers were childhood faves of mine too!

    Liked by 1 person


  3. Robert Matthew Goldstein
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 22:39:15

    Happy New Year, Ritu! 🙂

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  4. Jacquie Biggar
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 19:09:40

    Enjoyed this, Ritu. I fell in love with Australian author, Margaret Way and determined to collect all her books. I haunted the secondhand bookstore in our small town, searched Amazon once personal computers became a thing (yes, I’m that old, lol) and then heard about Ebay. I found every last one and have them still on my reread shelf 🙂

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  5. Nirant Gurav
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 18:23:33

    Well done dear !!

    Liked by 1 person


  6. robertawrites235681907
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 17:17:41

    Interesting answers, Ritu. Greg and I argue about books all the time. Today we argued over which Agatha Christie is the best. I said Murder on the Orient Express and he said The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. He is going through all my Agatha Christie books like a hot knife through butter; read two today.

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  7. Erika Kind
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 17:13:08

    Haha, truly a good challenge for you, sis!

    Liked by 1 person


  8. OIKOS™-Publishing
    Dec 29, 2018 @ 16:59:46

    Fine! Well done, Sis! Your Bitmoji’s are great too. The last one is so sweet. lol Best wishes, Michael

    Liked by 1 person


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