Day 26 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 26 of #musicalmarch🎵

Coolio and Gangsta’s Paradise was another song that featured in my uni years quite a lot. I wasn’t a heavy rap fan, but some songs just grow on you…

And I won’t go Eastern, but East African today! It wouldn’t be right for me to ignore the Kenyan influence in my life! This song gets played at all our family weddings, and reminds me of many fun summers spent back in Kenya!

Any other culture songs that you enjoy?


Day 25 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 25 of #musicalmarch🎵!

A little R Kelly and Bump N Grind, as it was another song that played heavily on my uni years!

And for the Eastern influence today… Cholo Ke Peeche Kya Hai from Khalnayak! This one reminds me of Uni too, as the guys went crazy for the video! Madhuri Dixit is an amazing dancer, and she set a real precedence here as the dance was shot apparently in one take! The lyrics translate to ” What’s under your top??!!” You heart obvously! ;P




Day 24 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 24 of #musicalmarch🎵!

I’m taking you back to the old skool because I’m so cool… Just had to share this one! My kids love singing along to Tag TeamWhoomp There It Is too!

And another uni memory song for me… Montel Jordan and This is How We Do It!

My Eastern song today is a bit of a 2000’s bhangra classic! Captain Bhangre Dha, by Daljeet Mattu! It was another one that got everyone up and dancing!

Which songs really make you want to dance?


Day 23 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 23 of #musicalmarch🎵!

Another song by another iconic artist, gone too soon. Most of us would have a bit of Michael Jackson in the soundtracks to our lives! Here is Beat It!

And if I post MJ, I have to post about the Indian equivalent of him, on dancing, anyway! Sout Indian Actor, Dancer and Choreographer, Nagarjuna!

Which MJ song is your favourite?


Day 22 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 22 of #musicalmarch🎵

Today I bring you the song of another artist, gone too soon. I do love a good Prince Song! This was such a mellow song, and I wished someone would sing it to me!

The second track for today is a song from the film Dhadkan. This song was sung by the late Qawali singer, Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He was an amazing singer, and I count myself very fortunate to have been able to see him live. This song is about a girl getting married, and how the heartbeat of a family almost leaves them as the girl leaves. This was played at my reception, and my Pops sang it to me as we danced… I was in tears, as you could imagine… Actually listening to it now, my eyes are moist… Check out the translation at 4.43 mins and maybe you’ll understand…

Which tracks bring out emotion in you?


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