Big Up Your Blog! #SundayBlogShare

Want to be part of an absolutely amazing Facebook group of bloggers?

Want to have supportive blog pals at the end of the ether, sharing and commenting on your posts?

Want to grow your social media following genuinely?

Want to showcase your posts to some individuals who actually do care?

Well then, you need to click here to get directed to the Facebook group Big Up Your Blog!

Amazing blogger Suzie, of Suzie Speaks, set up this group at the tail end of last year, and really gave it a huge push this year.

Without it, I wouldn’t have learned of the beauty of Flipboard, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Instagram and Twitter when it comes to sharing your blog posts!

There is a wonderful community of bloggers on there who get together on various days of the week, to share, or comment on your selected posts. There are opportunities to promote your social media accounts too!

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On a Tuesday there is a #BigUpYourBlogger thread, where one member of the group is chosen, and they can have a free for all on sharing their posts, and we, as members, share these posts across our various accounts, using the hashtag.

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Wednesday is #WorkWednesday where you can promote anything else that you do, from books you have published, to services that you might advertise on your blog.

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#ThrowbackThursday is just that: a day to share an old post that you want to get some love.
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#FollowFriday is a day where a specific social media avenue is chosen and you can share your accounts, for example, it may be Pinterest one week, or Instagram another.

The weekends are crazy mad, honestly, but so much fun!

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Saturday brings #SocialSaturday, where you choose one post to leave a link for. It’s up to the group to then get on that post, read, and comment on it, to increase your engagement on your blog, not just like and go! This is not really a sharing day, but if you love the post, obviously you can share it too!

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And Sunday is the biggie, using the hashtag #SundayBlogShare, which was coined by our very own Suzie! This day allows you to share a post, only one post, which can be read, and shared across the interweb, in whichever way possible!

Monday… well, Monday doesn’t have a specific sharing purpose other than letting you get your breath back!

Also, the lovely Em Inkles ably supports Suzie with the admin, and is in charge of some new Instagram challenges too!

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I am not one for chasing numbers, but I have learned a lot, and I can see the difference in my stats when I am sharing my posts in the group, and the support you get from the other members is above and beyond! I have definitely increased my Blogily in the last 6 months!

So… What you waiting for?

You know you want to be part of this fantastic group of Bloggers!

Just click here and request a place!


Follow the group on Twitter: @bigupyourblog

Follow the group on Instagram: @bigupyourblog

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