How To Get Your Voice Heard Literally, And Not Show Your Face!

So, earlier, I posed a question to all of my lovely Blogily, as I wanted to learn how to set up an Audio file that I could then download onto WP, so that when I felt brave, I could read my poetry, or even a post, or fiction, and you could hear me, instead of read me, if you know what I mean!

I am not keen to go down the YouTube route, as I didn’t want my face out there too much!

As usual, all you wonderful folk flock together to answer these questions, and there are always pearls of wisdom within these post comments.  For lots of suggestions, click here.

Graeme and Steve both suggested Soundcloud, and I have heard of it before, but had never used it.  So off I went to explore…

And it is great! I also downloaded the app to my phone! So, there is an option to record, then you save it and it can be public or private. I used private, but that’s my choice! There is then an option to share, and when you click that, a link comes up. I just copied and pasted that into my post, and there it was!

Magic! I highly recommend it all!

If there is any post you want to hear me read, which ever it may be, jot me a line in the comments, and if I am brave enough, I will do that for you!


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