#Loveuary ❤ – The Finale


It’s finished!

I can’t believe February has come to an end, meaning my month of #Loveuary has also come to a close.

I have had an awesome month, and have enjoyed trying to spread a little more love out there into the world!

I’d like to thank my lovely blogging family for taking part in this with me!

Judy, Erika, Willow, Rich, Syl, Ladylee, ShanJeniahTim, Shiva, Robbie, Sangbad, Anisha, Lisa

…to name a few! I apologise if I missed anyone, but rest assured I have appreciated the support from you all!

Some of you posted daily with me, some dipped in and out. Some were in it for a single post.

Hey, that’s all good!

I think the most important thing is to continue the love in our day to day lives.


Now… What to do in March…?

My interactive peeps!

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