How Long it Takes to Create a Novel Isn’t Important, Writing it is. Inspiration From Author Ritu Bhathal #IWSG | Fiction is Food

Please pop over to Gary’s Blog, Fiction Is Food, where he has featured me, and my long winded journey to finish a novel (first draft!)

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via How Long it Takes to Create a Novel Isn’t Important, Writing it is. Inspiration From Author Ritu Bhathal #IWSG | Fiction is Food

#SoCS Nov. 5/16 – Novel

Saturday brings the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “novel.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Well, as a writer, the first thing that comes to mind is that novel that you always wanted to write, or the WIP you have that is consuming every minute of your day and night.

Then you think, no, let’s not be so obvious, and use the word novel in a different way, and start thinking of a way to express what a ‘novel’ idea you have come up with…

But it’s not that easy!

I decided I would just write about my baby, my WIP, my novel.

Like many of us, I knew from an early age that I loved to write. I would always be writing stories, diaries, anything. There was a permanent ink splodge from my fountain pen on the ‘writers hump’ on my right-hand middle finger. (Do you have one of those?  An affliction from the time when we didn’t tap away on keyboards, but actually used pens and pencils! I always did love a good fountain pen…. but I digress!)

Then, around 16 years ago, an idea lodged in my head. I was planning for my own wedding at the time, and was back home with my parents, with a new fangled computer at my disposal.

A little seed of a story planted itself in my head. A story about a young British Asian girl from Birmingham, who was planning her special day too. (Yes, I know it sounds like it’s going to be autobiographical, but that was where the similarities ended!) This young woman was going to be experiencing some real problems, and in coming through them, she was going to become stronger herself.

Cue a cheating fiance, a pair of overprotective brothers, and a headstrong best friend…

I was on a roll (well, I thought, anyway!) I wrote a few thousand words, then my own life kinda got in the way. Then newly married life meant that it was impossible for me to write. and I had nothing to type on at the time either!

A few years into marriage, the bug bit me again, and Hubby Dearest bought me my first very own laptop! I was excited! I excitedly uploaded the original version of my little baby and began to add words in earnest. I tried to write, 1000 a day was my target. And I got to around 15,000, before the trauma we went through of trying for a family.

Any urge to write went out of the window, as we battled with one bit of hard news after another. then a miracle happened, and I fell pregnant.

Well, those mommas out there can vouch for the fact that there isn’t much time for yourself, let alone writing, so my word baby got forgotten…again. Add 2 miscarriages and the arrival of another bubba and I was a gonner!

Until around two years ago when I was tempted into this blog writing malarkey.

I finally found the courage to publicise some of what I had written, and the feedback was really good! But it seems to be a time issue again.  I never have the time to just concentrate on developing my story!

But I would like to get back on that writing pony. I need to!

Those who have read what I have produced so far have been so encouraging, and some out there (mention no names eh, Sasha Black!😉) even tried to impose deadlines on me, to get me back on it, but I still can’t quite do it.

One day, though, that novel will get written. It may end up reading like a vintage story, set in the 90’s, read way in the 21st century, but it will be done!

So, maybe to help kickstart my oomph to carry on writing it, I am leaving you with a link to where the main part of my WIP is, on my blog. I would love to hear any feedback from you. Is it worth me continuing? Would you change anything? Do you actually want to know what happens next?

I have coined the phrase ‘chick-pea curry lit’ to describe my genre. It’s romance, humour, with a big ole dose of masala!

Check out Wedded Stress here!



Do you really want to read…?

Ok so in the 777 challenge, I posted an excerpt of the book I had started many moons ago, and there was a lot of positive reactions to it.

I just read, or re-read it, and  was pleasantly surprised… I’m a few chapters into the story, nearly 13,000 words down…
So, the big question… Do you wanna read some of it? If I get enough likes and comments of encouragement, I will do… But I need coaxing… I’m nervous!

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