Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 372 – Delay


“On a break!” 


We will be back, possibly later this evening, Peeps, with something to ponder upon. Right now I am enjoying time with my parents!


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 371 – Beliefs


“All religions lead to the same God, and all deserve the same respect.” 

Paolo Coelho

What a lovely quote, Spidey! One that I live by daily,

So, I am the product of a Sikh family, growing up going to the gurdwara, attending various paaths(prayers), and learning about the Gurus in more detail. I am not baptised, though, so I consider myself educated, and still a Sikh, but not a part of the Khalsa, who are the more devout of the believers. I live by what our Gurus taught as much as I can, and seek to do good in life.

Vaisakhi, Bando Chorr Divas (same day as Diwali), our Gurus birthdays – all times we prayed and celebrated for specific reasons. Even now, I ensure I pray, eery day, in my own way, and play a special prayer every morning to bless our house and family.

I loved going to the Gurdwara, especially for the three-day-long prayers called an Akhand Paath, where the whole of the Guru Granth Sahib (our holy scripture, described as the eleventh Guru) is read. The temple we used to attend had rooms where we could stay for the duration, and it was such fun! We prayed, too, of course, but we were allowed to help in the kitchens, play games with our cousins, with fewer adult eyes upon us, eat chips and beans on a Saturday, when they had a special menu for the kids, and when we got older, we could pop out too, to the lovely local shops! That might not have been anything connected to my religion, but still, fond memories!

However, I was born in a predominantly Christian country and went to a Church of England school, where worship was by singing hymns and reciting The Lord’s Prayer, as well as visits to the school affiliated church for different occasions. I learned the significance of Christmas and Easter above the fact that you got presents or chocolate eggs on that day. I still find myself singing the odd hymn, here and there. And I can still decide most of The Lord’s Prayer, too!

My best friend is Muslim, as is one of my closest work friends, so Eid and Ramadan became something I wanted to know about. I even attempted to fast with my bezzy at university. I couldn’t hack even one day. Respect! I learned why fasting took place, and the significance of it, rather than looking on and wondering why not allowing yourself to eat or drink for the whole of the day was actually worth it.

We’ve had family friends who are Hindu, and I know those who are Greek Orthodox, Catholic…

I don’t know someone of every religion out there, and I don’t profess to.

But what I do know is that each and every religion is rooted in the same beliefs, when you boil their teachings all down.

How they are interpreted by individuals is not something that can be prescribed.

But, whenever there is something to celebrate, I’m with each and every religious brother and sister of mine, out there. I thank you for educating me about different beliefs – the hows and whys intrigue me.

And if there is something to celebrate, we should all do it!

Right now, this week, we have had Vasakhi, and on Saturday in my marital hometown, there was the annual procession, back after three years, due to the pandemic. Each year thousands of Sikhs flock to Gravesend to be a part of this parade. and with us Sikhs, there are always countless other non-Sikh brothers and sisters who join in, for the fun, the colour the food, and I hope, for some education.

Our Muslim friends are in the middle of their rosay, fasting until they will be ready to celebrate Eid.

And today is Easter. Okay, so I might not go to church, but I will raise a prayer to the resurrection, and then eat my Easter eggs, hot cross buns, and wish I had a family who liked roast lamb as much as me… (They don’t so I won’t be cooking that! I mean, who doesn’t like a good roast dinner?!)

It’s up to us to embrace and celebrate each other’s beliefs. Not a melting pot, as some wanted, where all end up conforming to the same culture, but a salad bowl, complementing each other’s individual beliefs. (Taken from something America, I cannot profess what, but I remember reading it and thinking ‘Yes! That!’)

Let me end this post by wishing all those celebrating, a very happy Easter!

So, do you have a religious belief? 💜


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

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