#SoCS Mar 10/18 – So Far

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “so far.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

This year so far
What has it brought
Days filled with laughter
Others just fraught

Honestly, we’ve only seen just over 2 months of 2018 and I feel like I have experienced more ups and downs than ever before.

Professionally and personally things have been interesting, to say the least, and though not everything is on an even keel, we are getting there!

I am still tired at work, stressed from trying to deal with two classes worth of information/teaching/kids, but blessed with the right kind of management, who listen, and though they can’t change things at the moment, understand and are realistic with expectations.

At home, we have had a week with my in-laws not here, and so far we have coped. Honestly, I knew things would be okay, but my mum in law was, as she always is, worried about the kids, and how they would cope after school, seeing as usually they go to them so I can put in a couple of extra hours, as a teacher does, at the end of the school day. The beauty of after-school club kicks in here and the understanding Head thing too, as she has allowed Lil Man to hang out with me at school, and in the after-school club, despite not being a student there anymore!

So far, I have read a few chapters from my WIP with the intention of finishing it, but I just haven’t got the head for it right now. I have spent so long on it that I don’t want to rush it now, in order to say it’s finished. It needs to be finished when I am in the right mindset. I am an edit as you go kinda writer, I can’t just steam off loadsa words, then cull after… It’s just not me!

There is still so much good stuff to come as well, the Blogger’s Bash, the birth of my new nephew/niece, the possibility that I will finish my manuscript… and a few uncertainties, what will happen next academic year? Along with some imminent nail biters –  I am being observed next week… eek!

But who said life was boring, eh? So far, I can definitely say mine hasn’t!

Catch ya later Peeps!

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