#SoCS – March 5, 2022 – Way To Go!

Linda’s SoCS prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “way to go.” Use it as a phrase or use it in its literal sense. Enjoy!

I’ve been harping on about being exhausted for the last couple of weeks, despite having had a week of half-term break.

It’s true. I am still shattered.

And I have no idea why.

Well, maybe I have an inkling.

I wrote a lot in the week I was off, more than I have for a long while. That was actually refreshing.

Then we started back. Now, the length of the rest of the terms at school are pretty standard, now, until the end of the year. Six weeks long, each, with two two-week breaks in between them.

But this one seems to be packed. And I mean literally. Every week is filled with meetings and visits. Deadlines and forms to fill in. On top of what am really there for, which is to teach my wonderfully special class.

A couple of days ago, I was especially nervous, since we had a school advisor visiting, and she was going to be chatting to me (grilling me!) about my department because, as the EYFS Phase Leader, the Nursery and Reception classes are my remit.

I needed to sell myself and my department, imagining it was an Ofsted Grilling.

It started late (not my fault, she also likes to talk!) and my 45-minute meeting ended up at nearly an hour-long (because I like to talk, too!)

But, the end result was she was really happy with whatever I had waffled on about, and she even took away details of my book!

The feedback to my Head was extremely positive, and I felt that all the work I and the team have put in, has been recognised.

Coupled with a great bit of feedback from my Deputy Head and Mentor, after his observation of one of my letters, and how he feels I have grown as a ‘leader’, it’s been a good, albeit tiring, week!

So I say “Way to go!” to myself, this weekend!

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