Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo #2 Winners Announced!

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Ranch Rodeo Contest #1 Winners Announced! #FFRodeo

After a whirlwind month of competitions and challenges, the winners announcements have started!

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He Did It!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that my son, Lil Man, has been in training with a football (Soccer, for my American Peeps!) team here, and this season, he has been selected for the actual squad! He is officially in the Under 11’s team!

Well, aside from a few friendlies that they played over the summer holiday, he hasn’t played a match, and unfortunately they have pretty much lost most of them.

But today was his team’s first official match, and they were playing a charity shield match, raising funds for Cancer Research.

They were hyped, it was a big un, as they got to leave with an actual trophy (or shield) today, and a medal each!

And you know me, I am NOT Soccer Mom!  I do NOT do sport of any kind, aside from having to drop him off to training, but, I do try to be a good mum, and I promised, that come hell or high water, we would all be there watching him.

And so there we were, watching this 30 minutes each way game, 18 pairs of little legs running back and forth on a pitch much larger than what they were used to!  My mum instincts were fighting to come out, I wanted to stop the match, go give them all rests, pick kids up as they fell and rolled around (yes the footy dramatics start at an early age!), but no, I was good. I reined myself in, and stood at the side line, not really knowing what to be shouting or what to say. At least I knew which side they were meant to be shooting at!

Offside rule? Nope, no clue! Yet these little ones are supposed to understand that already, their first match where it actually counts too!

He wasn’t on initially but 15 minutes into the first half, he was brought on, and played well.. I think he was Midfield… Excuse me, I haven’t a clue! They were even 2 – 0 up at this stage!


My Lil Super Player!

The half time whistle was blown, and everyone was buzzing! Yes, I admit, even I was kinda hyper… my son’s team was winning!

Lil Princess was there too, and missed the first half, as she was far too busy playing with a pair of Daschund puppies that were there with their owner!

By this time Granddad had come to fill his cheerleading squad, and Hubby’s brother and wife, so we had a nice little team of supporters, alongside all the other parents!

Second half, and he wasn’t playing to start with but was, again, swapped on 15 minutes in, and guess what… they actually WON the match!  5 – 0!!! A prouder bunch of Under 11’s (and parents) I haven’t seen!

An overjoyed bunch!

An overjoyed bunch!

I’ll admit, it was more thrilling than I thought.. I may go and watch a few more… and hopefully the first match, the first win, is a sign of what is to come this season.

Here he is, medal proudly displayed (behind the shield!), and holding the special Shield!

Proud Lil Man!

Proud Lil Man!


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