Blogging 101 Task 11 – make a prompt personal – Love by Definition

Actually, it’s was harder than I thought! So many prompts, and thoughts!

In the end I chose I Want To Know What Love Is as my daily prompt.

I think I’m pretty lucky.

I’m surrounded by love in many shapes and forms.

The love I get from my parents, unconditional, they made me, they gotta love me! And that love is reciprocated, it  grows each day I get older, and appreciate that little bit more, how much they did for us.

The love I get from my Hubby Dearest, a true, honest love, he sees through my outward appearance, and loves me for who I am. Just like I love him deeply, he is my port in a storm, my anchor, my soulmate. Yes we might annoy the heck out of each other at times, but our foundation of love is so strong, we can weather any storm.

The love I get from my children, again, unconditional, in their eyes, we are the examples that lead them, we can do no wrong, we nurture them, keep them safe, love them with all our hearts. And in turn we do love them, with no exception. They might do naughty things, they might not look like they love us, when we have to discipline them, but they do really, you will always get a hug from them, even after an argument. 

The love I get from my whole family, the extended one, the in laws. Some of the love is there because of whose daughter I am, but there is genuine love and concern from them, and my love for them is strong too. My whole family helped shape the person I am.

The love I get from my friends, they know me… If they are close, they’ve see me in all situations and they STILL love me! And I chose to be friends with them, something about these people touched my heart and made me want to have them as a part of my life, the family I chose, rather than the one I was born with.

The love I get from my colleagues. It’s different, not romantic, but it comes from a mutual respect of each other, and genuine care for each other.

The love I get from my class of 4-5 year olds. As a teacher, we have to be strict, as well as fun, and it’s so sweet to hear them come up to you, telling you they love you, you’re their favourite! ( yes they say this to all the adults in the class, but it is a way for them to express what they think of you!)

The love I get from Sonu Singh, my gorgeous cat! I know he’s not a huggy cat, but he knows who’s going to feed him, who’s going to clean out his litter box… And he knows when we are down, sitting near us, just close enough to keep an eye on us, and sniffing our faces once in a while to let us know he cares too!

So many different loves, but there is a few things in common, these loves are based on respect, for each other. Most of them based on unconditional feelings we have for one another.

I think it’s true, love makes the world go round. Show love, in a hug, a smile, a cup of tea for your loved one in the morning… Sometimes those little gestures show love more than a huge bunch of flowers, or expensive gifts.


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  1. edwinasepisodes
    Mar 16, 2015 @ 19:45:42

    Yes, so many different kinds of love, but all so precious .

    Liked by 1 person


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