FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #35-A Surprise.

Lara’s back y’all!

Ron’s prompt this week…

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

  • Word Count is off! Let’s focus on the theme of the thing. Not many actually stick to the word count anyway. (SUGGESTED-No more than 500 if you want to try that.)

  • Using the prompt of ‘A Surprise’, WRITE. What’s so surprising? What happens because of the surprise? Is it good or bad? (REQUIRED)

What surprise will Lara face this week…?

Just Friends – Part 25
When Lara arrived back at the table, the flush of embarrassment had left her cheeks, there was just a slight stain of bolognaise on her dress, but it wasn’t too noticeable.
Christian was sitting there with what looked like a smirk on his face. I can’t actually believe he’s still sitting there, Lara thought, amazed. If I had been in his position, I would have probably legged it while he was in the toilets. But no, he was still sat there.
You know, the worst thing, Lara thought, he knows all my friends. It won’t take long for them to all find out what a clown I’ve been… She was so tempted to turn around and disappear out of the door, but she couldn’t do that. He had seen her coming back to the table. Damn you, Christian! Why did you have to be so attentive?!
The table had been cleared, so she couldn’t even finish her Spag Bol. And it has been so tasty too! If she hadn’t been trying to be seductive, she would have really enjoyed that!
“Everything ok? Christian gave her a smile. “Did you want anything else? I got the table cleared… you didn’t seem that hungry…”
“Oh no, no, that’s fine,” Lara flustered as she sat back down, “I’m just a bit… tired. It’s been a strange sort of day.” Her mind flashed back to the episode with she-devil Mya.
“Well, I hope you have enough energy for a little surprise.”
Lara looked at him, curious. “A surprise? I’m surprised, you weren’t ready to disappear off into the night without me. I am such a klutz…”
Christian reached over the table and held her hand. “Lara, believe it or not, the way things were tonight, were perfect. I’d hate to be in a conventional relationship, and one thing I have come to realise, things are never boring with you around!”
“Well, that’s a relief!” Lara secretly wondered whether it was a compliment or not, being thought of as not normal…
“So, shall we go?” Christian waved at the waiter to bring the bill over.
Lara’s stomach was starting to gurgle. She hoped it wasn’t too loud! She was hoping this surprise involved some sort of nourishment, but was unable to voice her opinion. It was bad enough that Christian thought she was funny, but to be thought of as a glutton… The thing was, she hadn’t finished her meal, and Lara was a girl who liked her food.
They strolled up the road and Lara glanced expectantly at the new dessert parlour, Sweetz, that had opened up. She had seen some amazing posts on Facebook, sharing mouthwatering photos of these huge sugary concoctions that were available there. Seriously, Lara felt her blood sugar rising, just thinking of them!
But they walked past.
Okay… she didn’t need dessert anyway.
They turned into the park.  It was relatively early in the evening, as the dinner date hadn’t quite gone to plan, so there were still a few kids loitering around, and an ice cream van was still stationed in its prime spot, ready to extort money from harassed parents, eager to leave the park, but faced with a meltdown if their child didn’t get that Flake 99, or 2 ball Screwball NOW!
And that’s where they stopped.
“Tada! Surprise!” Christian indicated the ice cream van, with showy jazz hands. Not sure how to read her expression, he continued, “I hope this was ok, I feel like such a kid when we are together, in a good way, and I just thought this would be a fun end to our evening…”
Lara’s eyes lit up “Are you kidding me?! Mr Whippy ice creams are my all time favourite sweet treat! Christian, if you keep up surprises like this, I may have to marry you!”


Let me know what you think!!!




Blogging 101 Task 9 – Inspiration from a Neighbour – Have Faith, He Does…

A little repost of an older piece of mine.

Remember my task yesterday? I had to visit, and comment on blog posts I hadn’t commented on before…here.

Well, today my task is to choose one of these posts as an inspiration point for a post of my own.
I have chosen to use this article on Peace During The Journey to remember a time in our life, a few years back…

I love my Pops.  If you have been reading from early on, you’ll know the profound effect he’s had on my life. (If not catch up here).

Ask my Pops how old he is, and he’ll say “11, just a year older than [Lil Man]!”

11?  My dad?  When I’m due to be 40 in a few short months?

Yup. 11.

And this all stems from his faith.

11 years ago, on March 1st, I got a missed call that devastated me.  I was at work, and my mum never calls during work hours… never.  So to see a missed call frightened the heck out of me.  I asked permission from my then boss to call back, and tried the house phone…no answer. I called her mobile…not on.

I tried the surgery (Pops was a dentist before retirement).  His dental nurse answered and she was hesitant to speak to me.  “Call your husband, please, he knows everything.” she said.  then and there I knew something major was up.  I convinced her to tell me and she reluctantly informed me that Pops had been taken to hospital… suspected heart attack.

NO! No! no!… What was she talking about? I had been with them just the day before, and all had been relatively fine.  We live 3 hours away so with some hesitation, I had come home the previous night.  I hadn’t wanted to leave them that night, but I knew I needed to be back.  Something had been pulling me to stay, but I had ignored it…why?!

I informed my big boss, who was a superstar, and sent me home, telling me to take all the time I needed to make sure my parents were ok. Luckily Hubby Dearest was working from home, and had indeed had a call from my mum, telling him the details.  She had told him not to tell me over the phone, but to get me home first.

We hurriedly packed, and left. I was driving, as he was not a licence holder then.  I got a call on my mobile as we were nearing the turn off to the hospital.  He answered.  It was my brother.  Typical male, I thought, as he was asking personal details for Pops and Mum.  They are his parents too! Why didn’t he know them?! I understood mum couldn’t answer, she was probably with Pops.

We pulled up at the hospital and Hubby Dearest took a deep breath…”Don’t panic…” (and you know the panic that phrase itself instils in your heart) “…but mum’s been admitted too.”

WHAT??? What was going on?  I just had to get inside and see everyone, make sure my brother, who was on his own, was ok too.

After locating him, he managed to tell us the details.  Pops had chest pains, so instead of ringing an ambulance, he sauntered to the doctors surgery, which was around the corner from our house and his own Dental Practice.  They had checked him and told him he really needs an ambulance.  He said not to worry, he would just mosey on home himself, and get ready, and call one from there.

Mum, meanwhile was in a state. She had been extremely unwell suffering from awful haemorrhaging due to the menopause, and was almost bedridden herself.  The ambulance was called, my brother informed and they went off to the hospital. Yes he had indeed suffered a heart attack, thankfully minor, but still  A HEART ATTACK!

As he was wired up to the various monitors and regulators, stable, my brother said he looked at mum, who went a deathly shade of pale, and promptly collapsed…  a dead faint!

The worry had kept her going, but as she knew Pops was in safe hands, she finally had given in.  So now we had both parents in two separate wards, unable to meet but concerned for each other. They were the Romeo and Juliet of the hospital   apparently, as one of the hospital porters told me!

Long story short…she needed some emergency surgery, which she had, we had to be there for both of them, and we were. Pops needed an Angioplasty, which was performed at a later date.

But a huge question mark was there hovering above us. Why Pops? He was the healthiest person we knew, good diet, no alcohol, fit, non smoker.  Family history, we were told. It was always going to happen as it was in his blood, so strongly. And that was true.  His brother was taken at a relatively young age, through diabetes and heart complaints, as was his oldest sister.  The other 3 sisters all had heart problems. He had been the only one with no health complaints as such.

Still, such was his faith, and belief that he would be ok with God’s grace, that when things settled down, he decided that God had given him another chance at life.  He had been reborn that day of the heart attack.  After that day, once he was given a clean bill of health, he cleaned up his lifestyle, even more  than before, and started his yoga mission. This helped him so much personally, that he took it upon himself to train as a teacher, and now spreads the benefits via his lessons.  And he does them for free. They are his way of giving back to humanity, as his God would want. This is what our Gurus said to do. As long as you have what you need, share, and give to charity, be it money or time.

So there you have it, that is why my Pops, my father, has just celebrated his 11th birthday! And believe me, he does celebrate it!

Animal affection… Blogging 101 Task 12- an extension!

They do have capacity to love, Sonu Singh does anyway! He shows it in different ways.


Here is Sonu’s special friend, Suzy Squirrel… they are very close…!

He loves this squirrel, she is dragged around by the tail, and he shows his affections in interesting ways!(if you know what I mean!) We find Suzy on the bed in the morning, or on the floor by our bed, where he has felt like he needed a cuddle!

My Suzy...<3

My Suzy…<3

But he did have a ‘love’ somewhere else…

Who are you, beautiful stranger....?

Who are you, beautiful stranger….?

The look of love!

Mummy, I wanna find her...!

Mummy, I wanna find her…!

But other than that, he really does love us too! He comes running to Hubby Dearest, and plays so much with him, he has an amazing bond with Lil Man.  In fact, last night, Lil Man had a nightmare and came to our room..Sonu Singh knew this was not normal, his big bro never leaves his bed at night, and almost like being protective, he came and sat on Lil Man’s chest 3-4 times during the night! And though he gets fed up with Lil Princess’s attention, she was ill at the weekend and he came and sat next to her, tentatively stroking her head once in a while!

And as for me, well, he knows what mummy is there for, he meows at me from the moment I wake… for food obviously, and if I haven’t stroked him, I get the weaving around the legs treatment, where he has almost assisted me in my clumsiness, and near broken my neck, as I trip up!  But then I get the days when he just curls up at the foot of my bed, or falls asleep clutching my foot…those moments he feels more precious than ever, and I know he loves us all too!

I enjoyed reading others takes on the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt challenge, which was part of my task 12 on Blogging 101.  Visit some others who used the same prompt, and read, see the difference, and comment on at least 2 of them.

I loved the post by Nelkumi, almost taking the prompt and using it from an animals eyes… so I had to post the above, from my pet’s eyes, inspired by that response!

Blogging 101 Task 11 – make a prompt personal – Love by Definition

Actually, it’s was harder than I thought! So many prompts, and thoughts!

In the end I chose I Want To Know What Love Is as my daily prompt.

I think I’m pretty lucky.

I’m surrounded by love in many shapes and forms.

The love I get from my parents, unconditional, they made me, they gotta love me! And that love is reciprocated, it  grows each day I get older, and appreciate that little bit more, how much they did for us.

The love I get from my Hubby Dearest, a true, honest love, he sees through my outward appearance, and loves me for who I am. Just like I love him deeply, he is my port in a storm, my anchor, my soulmate. Yes we might annoy the heck out of each other at times, but our foundation of love is so strong, we can weather any storm.

The love I get from my children, again, unconditional, in their eyes, we are the examples that lead them, we can do no wrong, we nurture them, keep them safe, love them with all our hearts. And in turn we do love them, with no exception. They might do naughty things, they might not look like they love us, when we have to discipline them, but they do really, you will always get a hug from them, even after an argument. 

The love I get from my whole family, the extended one, the in laws. Some of the love is there because of whose daughter I am, but there is genuine love and concern from them, and my love for them is strong too. My whole family helped shape the person I am.

The love I get from my friends, they know me… If they are close, they’ve see me in all situations and they STILL love me! And I chose to be friends with them, something about these people touched my heart and made me want to have them as a part of my life, the family I chose, rather than the one I was born with.

The love I get from my colleagues. It’s different, not romantic, but it comes from a mutual respect of each other, and genuine care for each other.

The love I get from my class of 4-5 year olds. As a teacher, we have to be strict, as well as fun, and it’s so sweet to hear them come up to you, telling you they love you, you’re their favourite! ( yes they say this to all the adults in the class, but it is a way for them to express what they think of you!)

The love I get from Sonu Singh, my gorgeous cat! I know he’s not a huggy cat, but he knows who’s going to feed him, who’s going to clean out his litter box… And he knows when we are down, sitting near us, just close enough to keep an eye on us, and sniffing our faces once in a while to let us know he cares too!

So many different loves, but there is a few things in common, these loves are based on respect, for each other. Most of them based on unconditional feelings we have for one another.

I think it’s true, love makes the world go round. Show love, in a hug, a smile, a cup of tea for your loved one in the morning… Sometimes those little gestures show love more than a huge bunch of flowers, or expensive gifts.


Blogging 101 Task 10 – Drumroll for the Blogroll!

And so I have discovered the Blogroll!

I have added it to my side bar, and will add some more links this weekend, but I did it!!


Jeez, I’m getting the hang of Blogging 101, and it’ll be finished before I know it!

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