#SoCS Apr. 22/17 – Spell

Linda’s #SoCS Prompt for today…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “spell.” Use the word “spell” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use it in the first sentence. Enjoy!

Can you spell?

It’s not an easy thing, especially the English language!

We teach a phonetic scheme of reading and writing in school called Read Write Inc, where the emphasis is on learning the basic phonics first, and acquiring the skills to blend and read CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words like cat and dog etc.

Then you get on to the more complex two letter sounds (ng, nk, th, ch, sh etc) ,then the voewls (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo ) and then the split diagraphs (the ay sound in cake for example) and then the ones that almost seem pointless when you can write the same sound severalw ays.. equally, you can say what looks like the same sound in different ways.

Like I read that yesterday. I will read it again tomorrow.

Why spell height with an igh when mite is the same sound yet easier to write? Actually, simpler than that would be myt but that is not even a word!!

Even the word word isn’t easy to grasp! Phonetically it should be wurd

And the sious and tion endings? Why not shus and shun, like lushus (luscious) or attenshun (attention).

Whoever decided to be the God of spelling in English must have been on something, that’s what I think!

The grammar and punctuation is hard enough, without the spellings that bear no resemblance to the words we say!

No wonder they say English is one of the hardest languages to grasp!

Oh, I could go on and on, but I shall leave you with this phonetically correct haiku!

The Inglish languwij
Purmunent confushun
Lor untoo itself


The English language
Pernament confusion
Law unto itself


68 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shallow Reflections
    Apr 24, 2017 @ 00:02:17

    Definitely glad I know how to speak and spell (with the help of spell check) English! It would be a daunting lauguage to learn.

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  2. Judy E Martin
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 20:21:08

    HAHA! You are so right, Sis. I love that haiku, it says it all! (Well phonetically at least)!!!

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  3. Traci York
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 15:04:10

    Very clever – I love it!

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  4. robbiesinspiration
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 14:58:57

    English is definitely a very difficult language to learn, Ritu. Well done on this haiku.

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  5. You Can Always Start Now
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 14:23:47

    my spelling is so bad that all that made total sense!

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  6. Denzil
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 13:39:32

    Ha, Absolutely spot on. Red and lyked!

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  7. The Indecisive Eejit
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:12:44

    I’m guessing if I wrote like I talked no one would understand a word I said lol

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  8. noellekelly
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 10:58:24

    To anyone who can teach little children anything, I applaud you! And this just made me laugh 🙂

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  9. thebeasley
    Apr 23, 2017 @ 09:22:01

    Haha this is great. Especially as I have a 6yr old learning all about bloody split diagraphs etc. It’s all good fun!

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  10. syl65
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 22:48:12

    Even on Saturday, the teacher in you is hard at work Sister!! 😅

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  11. Erika Kind
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 19:13:30

    I think that is the only advantage the German language has. You speak everything as you write it. The three lines phonetically would be in German:
    Si Inglisch länguitsch
    Pörmanent konfiuschn
    Lo antu itself
    That was funny to do, Sis!!

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  12. bikerchick57
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 15:50:16

    I love the English language, but this is the only one I’ve known. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for an adult to learn English as a second language. It’s like a big oxymoron. I think of someone who has learned the American spelling of neighbor and then travels to England or Canada…oh, the confusion!

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  13. dornahainds
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 15:06:34


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  14. Deb
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 14:26:33

    O Ritu that wuz so fun to reed, I thawt I’d rite tu u the way it sownds rather than how it is spelt. It’s hard tu du! Funny, when I saw the wurd Spell my first thawt was of a Magik Spell, nawt as in writing. But of corse the teecher in u prevailed. Have a faboolus weekend!! 😉

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  15. Dan Antion
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 12:30:30

    “It is true that that that that that man used in that sentence was used incorrectly.”

    I’ve been doing battle with English for 62 years.

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  16. willowdot21
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 10:49:58

    Amen Sis, luv the Haiku. 💞💝

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  17. Marje @ Kyrosmagica
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 08:31:04

    Thank goodness English is my mother tongue! Lol… 🙂

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    • Ritu
      Apr 22, 2017 @ 08:46:13

      It is easier isn’t it when you grew up with it… but when I teach it now, all broken down, I wonder how we learned! Was rote learning the best way? As in, ‘That is the way you spell it so just learn it’, instead of teaching 5 year old these spelling rules?!

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  18. Colors of my life
    Apr 22, 2017 @ 06:12:52

    Good one, my mother tongue is Urdu. So what you wrote is a great piece for me to learn English correctly.

    So I thank you for that.

    Now Speaking that English is hard, I thought to share some of my experience. I hope it might enlightened you. In Urdu language we have separate words for each thing for e.g You have Uncle or Aunt or to be more detail we can Paternal or Mother side.

    We have separate words for each relation. Like my mother elder sister is called Khala, my father elder brother Taya. If my father elder sibling is sister than the male gender is Phuppa. Similarly my father younger brother is called Chacha.

    In Arabic is more detailed. like I heard for a simple horse they have 72 words describing horse. I don’t know Arabic in detail else would have tell in details.

    We learn so much from each other languages.

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