#SoCS November 3/18 – Point

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “point.” Open a book on your lap, close your eyes, and put your finger on the page. Whatever you land on, whether it be a word, a phrase, or a sentence, write about it. Enjoy!

Book – Fresh Off The Boat by Eddie Huang

Word pointed at – Money

Oh, this makes me think back a couple of weeks to a story I touched upon in one of my Chai and a Chat posts…

A little while back, I was perusing my bank statement online, as you do, lamenting on the lack of money in my account.

I noticed an entry signalling a top up on my son’s mobile account for £15.

Fair enough, I usually do that every couple of months.

Then I noticed the entry below, for the date previous to the first. This time for £35.


Scrolling down, I realised that a total of £125 had been taken from my account over five weeks!


I had been wondering why my account seemed a little lighter than it usually did…

After blowing a gasket at him, (fully entitled to, I was) and hearing his answer, I realised that kids nowadays, especially those in middle and upper-class families really have no idea of the value of money.

He just saw a button on his app that said Top Up. So he clicked it, and it worked. So he did it again. And again. And again…

“I’m sorry, mummy, I just thought the money was there for me and I just had to press the button to get more credit!”

“No son, top up means something is empty, and you have to fill it up again! Where did you think the money came from?”

Of course, I’m made of money, aren’t I? Especially on a teachers salary!

Online payments, bank cards, touch and pay cards, they are all so convenient, but they also make you forget that you actually need money in the accounts before spending.

I think my generation may be one of the last to really understand cash. We used it a lot. We held it. We may have been paid it.

But now it’s all electronic, its value isn’t really concrete anymore. It’s just a vague idea. Because all you have to do is tap a button and things arrive. From shopping to food to a film, it’s all available to purchase.

One time, when he was a mere tot, he was obsessed, and I mean really obsessed, with Spiderman. He would spend ages playing with figures and watching videos online. He would browse all sorts. It was only when I received a notification from Ebay that I had successfully bid £250 for a lifesize bust sculpture of dear old Spidey, and I was required to pay it, did I realise that my account had been left logged in on my iPad!

Thankfully the seller saw the funny side and reversed the sale!

Money… Can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

Catch ya later Peeps! Happy Saturday!


57 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sheldonk2014
    Nov 15, 2018 @ 13:13:40

    Hey Ritu I how all is well…i guess you know where I’ve been right( hospital USA) this one was not a cheap trick…have a great day Big cyber Hugs

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  2. Carol Anne
    Nov 05, 2018 @ 12:30:27

    You have funny kids! I got a good giggle! 😀 not funny for you I know though 😀 xxx

    Liked by 1 person


  3. syl65
    Nov 04, 2018 @ 17:42:04

    They are so used to instant cash and credit cards, pay apps, quick pay, that they can’t grasp what the value of paper money and coins mean and what it is to work for it.

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  4. scr4pl80
    Nov 04, 2018 @ 16:59:57

    I have been connected to my kid’s accounts when they were little but it was a one way street. I could add or subtract money from their accounts but they couldn’t automatically get into mine. It has been very helpful when our daughter was away at college. I really wish they would teach “home ec” basics in school again, how to balance a checkbook, etc. Kids are clueless now.

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  5. OIKOS™-Publishing
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 21:23:58

    I love the english expression “spending”. In Germany the same word has the meaning “give away for free”. Happy Sunday, Ritu! Hope you will have a nice day with all the four- and twoleggers. Michael

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  6. Laura
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 20:23:38

    Oh gracious, can I relate to this. We really hammered this message home with our kids before plugging them into apple IDs (because those are linked to our credit card). I think only one mystery charge showed up and my reaction must have been memorable because it hasn’t happened since! 😆

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  7. Book Club Mom
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 19:59:04

    What a story! It’s so different now, as in all things between generations, isn’t it? Great response to your prompt!

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  8. ketakimalwade
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 19:08:40

    hehhehe…money really cant live without it. That’s our source of living

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  9. Erika Kind
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 18:42:51

    Money comes from the ATM! Yes, they have a different relationship to money.

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  10. joey
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 15:54:58

    Oh my word! LOL but also, how utterly terrifying! I am so glad you’ve set him straight. Like lil kids with ‘Just go to the atm!’ As if. Heh

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  11. John Holton
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 15:04:28

    Kids don’t miss a trick, do they?

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  12. sheldonk2014
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 13:43:48

    How goes it Ritu…everything goes with you and yours…i wish I could see roses but all I see are the weeds

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  13. Dan Antion
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 11:17:20

    That’s funny about the Spider-Man. I’m sure it wasn’t at the time, but I’m getting a good laugh today.

    Cash and coins – I think they are really becoming things of the past. I miss it.

    Liked by 1 person


  14. The Febrile Imaginings Of A Cluttered Mind
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 08:55:11

    Nostalgia – a thing of the past? Discuss. G:)

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  15. robbiesinspiration
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 08:07:47

    You raise some good points here, Ritu. We had a similar problem with our boys and had the same conversation with them. We couldn’t hold them accountable at that time as we hadn’t explained. Now they know.

    Liked by 1 person


    • Ritu
      Nov 03, 2018 @ 08:33:09

      That is the best we can do, explain.
      I try to give pocket money and tell them to save for things, hoping this will also help with the understanding… Though my son, who was rather good, would rather spend it on Kentucky Fried Chicken!!?

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  16. willowdot21
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 08:01:59

    Omg Sis, happy days. I am afraid you are right money no longer is a tangible thing and most younger people have not grasped the basics of ‘to spend it you must have it in the bank’ we are of the generation that if you can’t pay for it you wait till you can. OMG hark at us…angry old ladies or what…. Well not you ..but me! Have a great Weekend 💜💜💜

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