#JusJoJan – Jan. 25 2022 – Journal

JusJoJan by Linda!

Today is January 25th, so this is the 25th prompt for Just Jot it January 2022, and it’s brought to us by Scarlet. Thank you, Scarlet! Please be sure to visit her blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there, if you’re not already.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 25th, 2022, is “journal.” Use the word “journal” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Do you journal?

I am a great collector of journals. I have plenty. I am also partial to getting the stationery that might make your journal ever so pretty, and the tools to make said journal look professional.

Seriously, I have a trolley, filled with washi tapes, and pigments, and even stamps and stickers.

Yes, I do love a journal.

However, confession time. I have no time to actually use any of the stuff to journal!

This time last year, I started in January and followed some journaling prompts, daily. It was a tad easier, since we were remote learning at school, so I had to leave school at a set time, and there were no kids in, so it was easier to get things done in school time, plus we didn’t have this added one hour commute, a day, either.

The daily prompts didn’t last.

And neither did my journaling.

I still look fondly upon my journals, on the shelf behind me.

One day, she says, one day…

21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more
    Jan 30, 2022 @ 22:09:25

    If my voice to text processor would identify my dialect, i would do audio journaling. Lol xx Michael

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  2. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more
    Jan 30, 2022 @ 22:07:20


  3. Erika
    Jan 26, 2022 @ 19:44:23


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  4. thereluctantpoet
    Jan 26, 2022 @ 13:07:00

    Maybe an audio journal would be faster and easier?? Using the vocal recorder on your phone? 😊💕🌹

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    • Ritu
      Jan 26, 2022 @ 16:53:17

      It’s time, Chuck, plus I guess the cathartic process of creating the beautiful spreadsheet in a paper journal!
      I hear my voice enough, lol 😆

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      • thereluctantpoet
        Jan 26, 2022 @ 22:23:22

        Ha! I get what you mean. There is something about scratching words down on paper in red ink!! But Capturing lines and ideas at stoplights and wait times is a good use for recording on the phone. I how you feel about listening to your own voice. I feel that way too. A necessary evil to preserve an idea, title or line.

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      • Ritu
        Jan 27, 2022 @ 06:05:44

        I’ve definitely done that, before!


  5. thereluctantpoet
    Jan 26, 2022 @ 13:06:06

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet.

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  6. prejila
    Jan 26, 2022 @ 08:35:52

    Nice article

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  7. Sadje
    Jan 26, 2022 @ 02:54:57

    The good intentions are there but no time or will?

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  8. lssattitudeofgratitude
    Jan 26, 2022 @ 02:20:02

    Lovely journals are soothing to the soul.

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  9. Maggie
    Jan 25, 2022 @ 22:46:57

    All writers seem to love journals whether we use them or not. Journaling can be so cathartic, though. If only there were more hours in the day…

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  10. scr4pl80
    Jan 25, 2022 @ 21:23:51

    Oh yes, journals and washi tape and stamps and stickers!!!

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