#SoCS Nov. 26, 2022 – Plates

Linda’s SoCS prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “on your/my plate.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

What do you have on your plate?

I don’t mean food. Rather, do you have patterned plates and matching crockery?

I remember that for my mum, Corningware was the thing.

We had that set that I think most Indian families outside of India had at some point, called Spice of Life, but it was just the casserole dishes at that time.

Then mum discovered the whole sets and we were blessed with a beautiful Shadow Iris set. But we rarely ate from it. It was saved for when guests came over!

When I got married, Mum bought me the whole Callaway Ivy set.

And when I mean the whole set, I am talking EVERYTHING!

I have the dinner plates and side plates, cereal bowls, small bowls, large bowls, oval dinner plates, serving dishes, casserole dishes of several sizes, a teapot, teacups/mugs and saucers, milk jug, sugar pot, salt and pepper shakers, as well as matching table mats!

There is probably more, but I can’t remember. I am as bad as my mum, and have these all stored away for special occasions!

The thing is, I always loved the Shadow Iris set.

So a couple of years back, before COVID struck, my mum decided to take the set she had stored safely and decided that the mismatched crockery I was using needed to be replced by something better, and I was gifted a set of Shadow Iris Dinner plates, Side Plates and bowls. Oh, and some table mats that matched too!

She still had more left after giving me a set of 12 of each. (We have a big family. Mum liked to be prepared, so she had 24 of everything!) But 12 would be more than enough plates for me and would also allow for any breakages – inevitable in my household!

So nowadays, I love what is on my plate, under the food – my Shadow Iris pattern!

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  1. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more
    Nov 27, 2022 @ 21:59:11

    I had learned, only women are allowed to gift dishware to other women. 😉 However a great idea! xx Michael

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  2. Leanne
    Nov 27, 2022 @ 20:16:19

    Sounds like a beautiful heirloom to be passed down.

    Liked by 1 person


  3. Jennie
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 14:35:03

    I love this story and remember Corningware well. It was my first set of dishes.

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  4. willowdot21
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 13:28:54

    Absolutely beautiful I looked them up 💜💜

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  5. Lakshmi Bhat
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 12:30:33

    I learnt so much today from your post, names of different types of sets. Thank you.

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  6. beth
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 12:19:39

    I love using the good plates

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  7. Lauren
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 07:32:57

    I use Corelle every day. The majority of the pieces I now use came from thrift stores. They are a variety of blue patterns and they make me happy. I have purchased numerous pieces of solid white to add to my collections. I gifted my other sets of China, and a variety of dish sets when I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets. I had a 40 piece set of dishes that had clocks on them which I used for New Years. It seemed silly to use them so infrequently. I sort of wish I had kept them. They went to a good home though and are used daily. 🙂

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  8. Sadje
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 06:02:23

    How very Indian/ Pakistani! We do the same, but I use my good plates for everyday use.

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