Dearly Departed…

I woke this morning to the news that Debbie Reynolds had passed away, 2 short days after hearing of her daughter Carrie Fisher had left us. Preceding her demise, we had been shocked to the core by the news of George Michael…


And the list is long this year, of famous names who have forever said goodbye to the word, sung their last song, acted their last scene, rewritten their last book, played their last game, etc…

Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Harper Lee, oh man, I can’t even write how many names have been heard this year, included in obituaries…

It’s been horrifying hearing of all these well-known names passing away.

But what of the average person too? There have been deaths, every day, as there always haws been, and always will be, in our personal lives.

I hear it, and I say it myself a lot, “2016, do one now. I can’t take hearing any more of this news, another celebrity, gone.” But we don’t appear to be thinking of normal lives, just those well-publicised deaths.

I remember, as a child, there was another year, like this, but for us, it was a personal reason that we wanted the year to be done. It seemed that every month, we heard of a family member passing away, from old age, or through a road accident, and it was horrible. Of course, these people passing, who we knew and loved, were going to elicit a reaction of devastation.

But why the same reaction for all these celebrities?

Sure, we know of them, but there is no real link, is there?

Here’s where I beg to differ. For many of us, these names formed part of a framework of our own history. They were the soundtrack of our lives.

From the music we listened to, the books we read, and the movies or shows we watched, to the political decision that may have coloured our lives one way or another, these names meant something in an innately different way.

I am no super fan of anyone really, but on the evening of Christmas Day, when a news update pinged on my phone, informing me of the untimely demise of George Michael, I was shell-shocked, speechless, and quite frankly, devastated.

I used to have Wham! posters on my wall as a teen. Admittedly, it was Andrew Ridgely who I lusted after, but George, well, he was truly part of the soundtrack of my youth.

Gene Wilder – Well, his films had my brother and me in stitches many a time. Wilder’s portrayal of Willy Wonka was something that we will never forget.

Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, will live forever in our hearts. One of the first true advocates of Girl Power!

I could let this list go on and on…

Suffice to say, this year has had many ups and downs, and it will probably be remembered for many of the downs relating to the loss of a famous figure, alongside the shock Brexit vote, the whole US presidency voting, and the number of devastating terrorist attacks.

I am definitely ready to say goodbye to this year… I know there will be celebrity losses next year, but here’s hoping that the volume of them are not in the same capacity as this year. This year, we lost Gold….



The First Morn of 2016


A slight misrepresentation of my night lol!

Well, Peeps! 2016 is here finally! I am guessing there are plenty of sore heads, some probably haven’t even risen yet!

So, what did you do?

It wasn’t a particularly eventful New Years eve for us… We stayed in, with the children, at my in-laws house, patiently counting down the hours, then the minutes until midnight… Wished Happy New Year to each other then watched the London Fireworks on TV!



Yes, I am such a party animal!  I shall start with the regrets…

Now, I can’t really say regrets, but the slightly less positive things… I wish we were able to go out with the kids somewhere, to show them how New Years Eve can be celebrated, instead of in front of a TV set, with not much atmosphere around them… And much as I love fireworks, I hate the fact that at nearly 1am, when most families have finally managed to get their children to sleep after the cacophony of bangs from the Midnight fireworks, someone decides that it’s a great idea to set not one, but about 100 fireworks off!  Sonu Singh was terrified and Lil Princess could not sleep at all!


But there are great positives too!  It is always wonderful to bring in the New Year with the ones I love. My Hubby Dearest, mu rock, and my darling little people, Lil Man and Lil Princess! Having my in-laws around was lovely, but I missed my own parents, so we called them at midnight! I missed having my own brother and sister-in-law around, and my brother-in-law and his wife around too. I was glad we were sat in the dry and warmth of our house, instead of the cold of the outside!

We ate our final takeaway of 2015, and can steer away from too many of those this year, but hey, no resolutions here, as I am pretty sure that despite my good intentions, Hubby Dearest won’t be able to help himself!

The kids woke this morning at 10am, and everyone is happy and refreshed! We are off to the Gurdwara to give thanks to God for all he has given us, and to wish for a great 2016, then off sale shopping!

How did you celebrate last night?

Have a wonderful 2016 peeps!

Bye Bye 2015! Well Hello 2016!!


New Year fast approaching!


Well, as I scroll down my reader there are so many posts, about the new year. There are plenty of the WordPress reports, which I too posted, and then the reviews of the past year, and then those with goals for 2016.

Looking back, 2015 was a pretty amazing year in many ways for me, both with my blog, and in reality!

I went from just starting out, to over 1200 WP followers! I got the courage up to post some of a book I started many years ago, and got so much encouragement from those who read it, that I now need to find time to finish it! I discovered a talent for writing things that people actually want to read! That still surprises me to this day! To think, the goings on in my daily life could interest others! And there is the wonderful community I have become a part of.  The people who I have interacted with on WP have been amazing, and I have found some people who I truly count as friends, and some, closer than that, my Blogily!

In reality, I finally took the plunge, did my Return to Teach course and got me a real Teaching job! I see my children growing up, becoming fascinating, opinionated characters (More blogger fodder for me!), and generally, life has been good!


So, what do I expect from 2016?

Well, I don’t like to shoot too high, but hey we should all have dreams, shouldn’t we?

I hope I find the time to finish my Wedded Stress novel!

I hope that my first year of teaching ends with success, and that I manage to control that crazy bunch of kids, and teach them something that will help them in life!

I hope to attend the Annual Bloggers Bash this year to meet some of the inspirational writers I have followed and interacted with over this last year.


Then there are those things… those resolutions… the things you diligently say you will do, then forget after a few days!

Well, I’m not one for making resolutions, but there are a few changes I would like to make…

  • Get a little healthier, you know, no full boxes of Malteasers, just a few, eating a little better, maybe getting back on the exercise wagon. I’ll try, we’ll see what happens!
  • Give more time to my family. I am constantly rushing around, and feel like we have no quality time together. The kids are growing fast, and Lil Man starts Secondary school in September. Hubby and I need alone time too!
  • I want to be better on my blog at not just reading and liking others posts, but I want to be more active in commenting on others blogs too.
  • I shall continue to reblog any awards I am nominated for, as they are time consuming, and my life means I can’t give them the time they deserve, but, by reblogging, I hope to give that person a few new views, and show my gratitude that way. Of course if it is something new,  I shall try my hardest to take part!

And with all that in mind, all that remains, is for me to wish you, my gorgeous Peeps, a very prosperous, and happy new year! May 2016 bring all the things you wish for, and give you the successes you all so deserve! Love and luck to you all, and most of all, many many smiles!





My interactive peeps!

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