Inspired By Chagall


Looking through some old boxes I found my old assignments from university, and within them, I found this… A chalk drawing, in the style (apparently!) Of artist Marc Chagall!

Seeing as I must have created this a good 18-19 years ago, my cultural naevity shows! A Sikh bride and groom though the Hindu fire, and a floating cow(?!?) And the carriage at the back, a ‘doli’ in which a bride sat, and was carried to her in-law’s, many moons ago!
Hope you like… I haven’t shared my art for a long while!

But I Smile Anyway...

Cat Art

Lil Princess has been busy again!
Its a portrait of Sonu Singh this time!


Pretty kitty!


But I Smile Anyway...

My little artists!

We had an art day on Tuesday at school and Lil Man was inspired!
Check this out!


Nine year old artist

He wants to become an artist now…

Lil Princess, never one to be left behind, had a go too…


7 year old artist

I’m actually very impressed, and rather a proud mummy!

But I Smile Anyway...

Wrong Direction!

Lil Princess has been drawing again!!

This time it’s One Direction who were in the firing like.. And I have to say, her likeness of Neill Horan is kinda uncanny for a 7 year old!!and Harry Styles… Well… Lol! Judge for yourself!! 

Copying Mummy

I posted my Marilyn Art a few weeks ago.
Lil Princess wanted a go.
I don’t think she did too bad, do you?


She is so going to be like me!

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My interactive peeps!

Peeps are reading in…

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