#Blogging 101 Day 5 – if it ain’t broke…

So I had a go.

I looked at the other themes. 

I previewed them, but you can’t see your own blog on there, to see if it works.

Then I thought I’d try one, and pressed activate… Yuck!!! 

Hated the look and none of my widgets, lovingly created, had transferred over!

I quickly changed it back…Nooooooooooo!

All my personalised widgets! Gone!!!


Thank goodness they were all saved, I just had to put them all back in the right order!


I tried. 

But, like the old folks say, (and I totally respect my elders!) “If it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?!”

My blog is staying faithful to Koi thank you very much!!

#Blogging 101 Assignment 4 -Dear Ideal Reader

Dear ideal reader,

Hmm, an ideal reader? I wonder who?

Male, female, photographer, writer,

I think you’ll find, that’s you!

Cat fanatic, family bod,

Artists and foodies too,

You want a bit of culture?

A laugh cos you’re feeling blue?

Well take a trip around my blog

Go on, have a play!

I think you might find that you like

But I Smile Anyway!



Blogging 101 question

so, has anyone else had their first email yet??

Blogging 101

So I’ve signed up for the March course!

Here’s hoping I find enough tine to do this!!!


My interactive peeps!

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