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Another poem inspired by Lucy ofย Blonde Write More! Designing covers is a tough one.

Covering Covers

Are daunting
Who should design?
Or try your hand at it?
Stock photos or take your own?
Images or illustrations?
Which font to use? Is a tag line key?
Author name - big or small? Top or bottom?
Oh my goodness, that's just the front cover
The back has got as much to debate!
What really needs to be on there?
Just the blurb or something more?
Does it need my photo?
Keep it plain or not?
Will it engage?
What to do?
Oh, God!

Ritu 2019

Next week, blurb time!

A Writers Prayer #ThrowbackThursday

Browsing through my reader, as I do every morning, I came across this post by Lucy Mitchell, aka. Blonde Write More. (Have you been to her blog? If you haven’t, get your ass over there, she is tooo funny!)

Well, today she was talking about the Writer’s Prayer, and what you could be saying to Him Up There in your nightly prayers.

Inspiration hit me and this was the prayer I left in her comments, inspired by the Lords Prayer. (It’s ingrained in my head, despite being Sikh, not Christian, as I went to a Heart of England Church school so we recited this every day in assembly…!)

The Writer’s Prayer

Our Father, My art is writing
I want literary fame
Let inspiration come
And this first draft be done
In my head, as well as on paper
Let me reach, today, my daily word count
And forgive my grammar mistakes
Spellcheck and Grammarly will correct them
And Beta readers will guide me
And correct my direction
For their opinion is important
They will be buyers
And also my editors


Hope you enjoyed it!


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