Throwback Thursday

Don’t you just love Timehop? It’s a great app that allows you to link several platforms, whether social media, your storage clouds or computer, together, and it shows you what you did on this day, over the last few years! It pops up and reminds you of days gone by. I love seeing the photos of my kids!

The other day this one came up, and it was actually from last year.

The weather was a tad windy!!!! As you can see from the interesting placement of the trampoline, and our swing seat!

Today it is a little windy, a lot wet, but thank heavens, no runaway garden furniture!

Have a great Bonfire Night, those attempting fireworks! We’re content to sit inside out warm home, and listen to those souls brave enough to venture out into the wet and wild weather here in Kent, and let off a few bangers!

My interactive peeps!

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