Sacha’s back with her 52 word story prompt.

That moment you see your ex with their hot new bit and you look like a turd.

Here’s my take!

Skulking into the dentist’s surgery, with my chipped front tooth, I thank God for emergency appointments.
Looking up, I see him, my ex, with someone who looks like the Goddess of Perfect Teeth!
He pecks her on the cheek, “Pick you up at 5, snugglebum!”
Trust him to be dating my dentist!

Day three of the Holidays


Well day two had gone, the dentist was erm, ok… My gums need a bit of TLC and God my mouth was sore after the hygienist finished! Kids got the usual, brush better, Lil Princess came out minus her newest wobbly tooth!

On the plus side we finally ordered our new bed!! Yay!!! Still don’t know when delivery will be though… Hopefully within a couple of weeks!! I’m excited! My back is so looking forward to a decent mattress!!

No Karate though… My mouth was too sore, I didn’t have the energy or patience to sit in a room for 2 hours while the kids ‘hai-ya-ed’ around the room!!!

So to today… A nice peaceful day… No major plans except we need to get homework done! And I have a parcel to pick up, and I need to order the cake for Lil Princess and Father in Law for Friday… Oh and be on standby… The In laws fly out on their annual jolly to India for 2 months soon and MIL is packing so any last minute things they need… I’ll get a call…

Sorry, what did I start the last paragraph with? A nice peaceful day!!?? Scrap that!

Never mind, that’s the holidays for you!!

Happy Wednesday, aka Happy Hump Day!!! That middle of the week day that signifies the quick descent o the weekend!!!

Day Two of the holidays

So, zoo is done, we didn’t get the bed ordered and managed to make the dance/drum lessons.
What does day two have in store for us??
Kids up at the crack of dawn… (Typical in the holidays!!)
We need an extra good brush this morning… The dentist visit looms!!
Then hopefully today will be new bed ordering day!
Possible karate lesson later too.
Need to fit ironing in, feeding kids, and visiting the in laws too!
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

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