#SoCS September 29/18 – Dom

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dom.” Use it as a word, or find a word that starts or ends with it. Have fun!

Interestingly enough, the first word that came to mind was dominatrix!


I do not know why that popped into my mind!!

Then the ad for Domestos bleach hovered around, with the jingle “Dom, dom, dom, dom dom!”

But I think I will actually go with the word freedom.

As a working mother, a teacher and a wife, I often pray for a little freedom.

You know, that time when you can do whatever you want to do, without someone clamouring for your attention, crying out for snacks, or a specific tee-shirt.

I long for the chance to have a ‘day off’ but as a teacher, I can’t take time out in term time, unless I am unwell. so all my holidays are taken with my own children constantly by my side… busman’s holiday indeed. A whole school year with hundreds of kids and then the vacation with my own two who can behave like a whole classroom full of lunatics themselves!

Freedom to get up whenever I want, eat what I want, go wherever I fancy, and write as and when I feel the urge… that kind of freedom!

Shall I tell you something really sad? Not as in boo hoo sad, but as in lame sad?

I can’t wait for next academic year’s May holiday.

Because for the first time ever, and due to the fact that we are now part of an academy, I will have a whole week off… that my own kids won’t have!

This year we have the two week holiday, but my son’s school only has one at that time, so I will have Lil Princess with me, but next year, as she will be at secondary, and quite possibly the same school as him, unless their school scupper my dreams totally and decide to change their own holiday schedule… They will still only have one week off, and I get TWO!!!!!

Quite possibly a whole FIVE DAYS with no kids during the day!

I am not going to wish my life away, and hurry the time along, but it is definitely something I am really looking forward too!

Only twenty months to go to relative FREEDOM!

Catch ya later Peeps! Happy Saturday!


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