June 4: Flash Fiction Challenge

The Carrot Ranch prompt this week, from Charli:

June 3, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that makes a big splash. It can be fluid, or you can play with the idiom (to make a big splash is to do or say something that becomes unforgettable). Go where the prompt leads!

One Way To Create a Splash!  
“Can I see it? Please!” Julie ran over to Jack, straining to grab the phone.
Jack stretched his arm high up, out of her reach.
Grabbing his sleeve, she tried to bring his arm down. “I need to see the photo!”
“Because I’m not having you sharing awful pictures of me!” She pulled at his arm, her grasp nearing the phone.
Both hands on the handset – it was like a tug-of-war.
“There! Got it!”
One final wrench and it was hers… except it flew out of her hand and landed in the pool with a big splash.

May 30: Flash Fiction Challenge – Pimms!

Charli Mills with her Carrot Ranch Prompt for this week:

May 30, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes strawberries and mint. The combination evokes color contrast, scents, and taste. Where will the combination take you? Go where the prompt leads!

Pimm’s O’Clock

I’ve laid all the components out.
A jug.
The lemonade is chilled and ready.
Succulent red strawberries just waiting for me to slice them.
A firm, green cucumber, already transformed into slices, then quartered.
A big, juicy orange chopped into little triangles; peel still attached.
Ice. Lots of cool, refreshing ice.
Fresh, minty leaves.
And that beautiful bottle of fruity gin liqueur.
I slowly pour in the alcohol, and add the lemonade, watching the bubbles fizz up.
A big handful of ice, then the assorted fruits.
Just a few leaves of mint.
It’s Pimm’s o’clock now!

Croquet, And, Pimms
Pixabay Image
Pimm’s, anyone?

One Word Inspiration #OneWordInspiration #OWI

I set up a new twitter challenge today… (because, you know, I have nothing better to do! 😜)

And thought those of you on Twitter, or even those not, might like to take part!

It’s a one word challenge.

One word to inspire a tweet-length (240 characters) story!

Head over to my newly renamed twitter profile to follow and join in!


Have fun creating!

Finish The Story 2 – Murder Most Ordinary – Flash Fiction – @Tanmay_and_Jain

Thanks so much to Tanmay Jain for not only setting up this challenge, but for giving us the next prompt in the series.

There was something extraordinarily ordinary about murder that people just didn’t get!

Murder Most Ordinary

“I could murder a cuppa, luv. Go stick the kettle on.”
John heaved his weary frame in through the front door, catching a glimpse of Nora’s figure heading towards the kitchen.
Hands washed, freshened up, he sat on the sofa and clicked on the remote, to get his favourite programme on – Garden World.
Nora placed a cup on the table beside him, glancing at her husband’s tired face. “Why you can’t just switch off, I really don’t know. Look at you. Exhausted, I’ll bet your back is aching again too, and you still put the telly straight on to the gardening programmes.”
She worried about John all the time. He wasn’t getting any younger, and this new gardening job seemed to really be taking it out of him. More than most, actually. She’d often find him in a world of his own, and her voice would jolt him into action again.
He knew she was worrying about him. Natural, he guessed. But how could he even begin to explain the complexities of the new job?
His new employers were important people – though rather unsavoury.
And the reason his back ached so much was because of the rather suspicious bags he was asked to bury, and cover with mature shrubs… If he wasn’t mistaken, they might have even been body bags.
Still his job was not to wonder why… just to dig, cover and plant.
And anyway, all the money was paying for his retirement cruise.

Ritu 2019

Tanmay Jain is a blogger, book reviewer, writer and bibliophile from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has been reading books since he was a child and hasn’t stopped since. He started his first blog in 2016 and since that, after many unsuccessful attempts at managing a successful blog, he landed on his current and most successful blog, Scion of Society. Tanmay dabbles mostly in fiction writing but sometimes wanders off to poetry, book reviewing and writing tips. He is an editor for his school magazine, X-rays. He’s a teenage writer, aspiring author, and a budding blogger.

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Kick-Ass Kreators Create! Part 2

As you may, or may not, know, I set up an online accountability group on Facebook.

Have you joined? Click here!

The intention is to give a little motivation each day and have opportunities to share our ups and downs with each other.

A suggestion was made that we could do something like a collective creation within the group, and so Just One Line was born!

The second challenge went out on Friday, and here is the little story that came out of it!

Julie opened the book up and as she fanned the pages, a yellowed piece of paper slipped out.

It was a very old newspaper cutting dating from the 1920s.

An Irish newspaper

And the name, right up at the top of the clipping, leapt out at her.

Hamish Lachlan Frasier McDonald Esq.

Hamish never talked or mentioned his family.

She sat down to read the aged article.

Tears sprang to her eyes and slowly made a trail down her cheeks.

It was about the death of his wife, but, thought Julie, I’m his wife.

Wait, what year was this printed?

This was way before Julie was born.

Julie paled and put a hand to her throat. How could that be?

A tap in her shoulder made her jump

She quickly hid the article in the book again and looked up with a fixed smile on her face.

Staring back at her, a curious look in his eyes, he asked “What’s up?”

She always had to pause when she saw his young face because it reminded her of him.

She didn’t know how to answer,

S she smiled, took a deep breath and suggested a fun night in with movies and snacks.

“Come on Hector, let’s go watch a film, maybe that one your daddy used to like,” Julie placed the book on the table and turned to her son.

Another fun set of entries to the story prompt! Thank you all!

If you want to be a part of it all, make sure you join, then you can add your own slants to the Just One Line story of the week!

My interactive peeps!

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