Sunshine Blogger Award

Flattered to have been thought of for the Sunshine Blogger’s award from Freddy at Parler D’Expresso. He messaged me to say

I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award because I found your blog positive, inspiring and creative.

So lovely!

Please, do check out his blog post!

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A Humbling Day

The other weekend, I had a crazy schedule on the Saturday, with parties here and there for the kids, and I knew it was gonna be a busy one. One of the parties was for my Lil Man’s friend, and it was at a venue in town, so I figured that I could drop him, and have a couple of hours me time, before I needed to pick him up, after all there is always something I could be doing!


Well, we got there, and there was hardly anyone there, birthday boy neither.  But the dad was there, and he was very polite, offering drinks and snacks while we waited.  over the course of 20 minutes the hall filled with nigh on 40 10 year olds, but there were a surprising number of little people there too… little people from my old class… then it dawned on me that the birthday boy had a sister in my old class, and it had also been her birthday too, so this was a joint party.

So that was 40 odd 10 year olds and around 20 4-5 year olds too, along with some added siblings, and mums who weren’t about to leave their child.  And still no star guests!  I have to say I was mobbed by little people, my thigh firmly hugged by my old class, and even my ‘boyfriend’ was there!

As time passed, the birthday peeps finally arrived, making quite an entrance, but not before the boy’s dad had asked me, in teacher capacity, to help him control the kids… they were running riot around the place! Now, I was off duty, but really? Can a teacher every be off duty?  We see our kids around town, in the shops, at the park, everywhere, all the time, and I for one, here “Mrs Bhathal!” all the time! So I helped him round them up, and thought once the main guests arrive, I could slip off…

Not that easy.

4-5 year olds have good grip.

I ended up in a ring with them playing Pass the Parcel, and then finally I was given a chance to slip out.

It felt lovely, though.  All these little munchkins telling me they missed me, and I genuinely miss them too! They wave at me and call my name, whenever they see me at school but I can’t get in their classroom, to spend quality time with them, any more, which is so sad.  I have another bunch of kiddies to look after now… but as I have only been with them for 7 weeks, the same bonding hasn’t really happened there yet… Though I do love them too, with their little quirks!

Anyway, I did my dash around town, I only had time for a dash as I’d been kept at the party a tad longer than I had expected, then came back to sweep up my child and get him home for a barbeque that my Hubby Dearest was organising.

Yet again I got kinda mobbed, but it wasn’t just the kids, I had parents telling me how much my not being in their child’s class had affected their child… I felt so sad.. I had made these little bundles cry! But on the flip side, I had affected them in such a way, that they had enjoyed being with me in class, and they were happy.  Hearing the parents tell me their kids ‘loved’ me, oh what an ego boost!

But truly, I felt humbled, so humbled.  A Teacher has a really hard job, but to know you have affected even one child’s life, positively, is a blessing, and to hear that so many felt that way, I felt richer than the wealthiest person on earth!!

Thunderbolts And Lightning!!!


Woah there! A new one on my shelf!!!

Well, first off, I have to give HUGE thanks to the gorgeously cute Rob, of The V-Pub blog, for this generous nomination!

The Rules:

Post it on your blog.  

Grant other bloggers the award. 

What you cannot do:

Abuse or misuse the logo.

Claim that it is your own handmade logo. 

What you should do after receiving the Encouraging Thunder Award:

Enjoy the award! 

At least give thanks via comments, likes and/or mentioning the blog that you received the award from.

Mention your purpose in blogging .
Who to pass Thunder onto…….?

I truly love certain blogs and there are a few which stick out in my mind, as they have been there since my humble beginnings, through to my humble-still, now!

Cats At The Bar
The Happy Lifeaholic
10 Years A Single Mom
Chris, The Story Reading Ape

My Purpose In Blogging
What is my purpose in blogging?
Well, I love words, for a start. Reading them, writing them, and learning about them. It was an ambition for me to write a book … Any book. I started a novel, I’ve written some poetry based children’s stories… But it hasn’t gone any further, and in my life, there was not much place for my literary dreams to go anywhere.
Then I discovered blogging, quite by accident!
A friend started a blog to air some issues in her past, and clear her mind, and in order for me to comment, it tempted me to sign in, or sign up…. And so I did!
All of a sudden this blog was born. What I wanted it for I had no idea!
Slowly, I wrote different things, from my life, to creative, to opinions, humour, and not forgetting Sonu Singh!
The encouragement I received over the last 6 months, from the blogs above, and so many others, made my pen (read fingers!) flow, and so But I Smile Any way was born.
My blog has allowed me to reminisce, make you laugh, think, go ‘Awww!’ and given me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with fellow blog-pals around the world!
I thank you all for giving me the inspiration to continue to write, and maybe that lifelong dream of mine, to be published… Might even come true too!

But I Smile Anyway...

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Its always a surprise and pleasure to accept awards and this time I was blessed by the gorgeous Trish.
Thank you so much hun, it’s much appreciated! 

The Rules 

Thank the one who nominated you by linking their blog and display the award emblem. 

Nominate some other blogs and link them. 

Mention three things that inspired you the most in the last week or so…

So the first one is done, and thanks again Trish!!! 😘

I’ll go to my three points of inspiration thus week

  1. My children, they are always a wealth of inspiration, from the things they say, to the things they do!
  2. My Parents, especially this week, as I was home with them.
  3.  Food!!! Because I have too much of a close relationship with food!!!

And my nominees…

Nutsrok an amazing blog, I read every day!

Edwina’s Episodes I know you don’t do awards, but still, you inspire me! 😊

A Little Daydreamer for creating such a great challenge event, while being a relatively young, new blogger! I’ve loved it!

   But I Smile Anyway...

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