Hello, 2018!!!!!!

Firstly, let me just say


Another new year is upon us!

What will this chapter bring into our lives?

I mentioned in my post yesterday, about plans for my blog this year…

I had a wonderfully creative year last year with my WIP and my blog, and I hope to continue that this year.

But… there’s always a but… things have to evolve over time.

My work life is crazy busy, what with teaching two classes and being a Governor too, my family is growing older and requiring more attention in different ways, my Hubby Dearest would love a little more of my time…

So real life gets in the way.

Don’t worry… I’m not going anywhere.

I tried that before, enforced blog breaks… they last all of a day for me! And to be honest, writing posts, and reading yours, that is my chill out time!


What I have decided is that I will take the pressure off myself.

I am used to forcing targets upon myself that cause undue stress (sound familiar, anyone?). I do it in all aspects of my life.

So, to do try and do this, I am not committing to posting every day, like I did last year.

I will post regularly – because I can’t keep away – and take part in the prompt challenges when they occur – but, and it’s a big BUT – I won’t beat myself up if I miss one.

I’ll be there reading your posts and be commenting, but again, if I am not able to visit everyone, every day, I won’t feel guilty. I know you are all human, and you understand, but still, as it stands, if I follow you, I don’t want to miss your words. And if there isn’t that acknowledgement on your post that I have been, either by comment or like, I feel bad.

I do have an idea for a regular feature… but it’s still that, an idea, at the moment!

Spidey will definitely still be around every Sunday – How can he not be??!!

And, the biggie… I need to FINISH this dang WIP!!!! It is so close to the end but I am so tired by the end of the day I can’t get my head into gear!

So, the hope is that I continue to be here, as a blogger (but not flooding your readers or inboxes with posts!) and that I finish my WIP, and maybe, just maybe, have a published book by the end of the year!!!!!!!

And I am sooooo looking forward to May 19th – no no the Royal Wedding, exciting as it may be – but the Annual Bloggers Bash!!!! The ABBA’s have been a huge part of my life over the last 2 years and as I get ready to attend the third, I hope it will be something I attend for many years to come!!!!

So, let me wish you a most excellent 2018 once again!

And let me know – What are your plans for your blog this year?

My interactive peeps!

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