Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 408 – Hppy New Year!


“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

David Bowie

2022 was a bit of a year, wasn’t it, Peeps?

I can, hand on heart, say that I didn’t think things could get harder than 2020 and even 2021, but how wrong was I?

There were good, great times, but equally, I have had to face some of the toughest situations in my life, too.

Still, we got to the end, and, here we are, embarking on another year.

Another year where my son will make me the mother of an adult… gulp! And book baby 2 will be born, too…

I have plenty of hopes, which I will keep alive in my mind. I won’t start a bucket list of things to do this year because I find that never works… but, I’ll be back in a short while with my Word Of The Year, 2023, where I let you know exactly what I want to do next year!

So enjoy your day, Peeps, and may this be a wonderful year for us all!


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Hello, 2018!!!!!!

Firstly, let me just say


Another new year is upon us!

What will this chapter bring into our lives?

I mentioned in my post yesterday, about plans for my blog this year…

I had a wonderfully creative year last year with my WIP and my blog, and I hope to continue that this year.

But… there’s always a but… things have to evolve over time.

My work life is crazy busy, what with teaching two classes and being a Governor too, my family is growing older and requiring more attention in different ways, my Hubby Dearest would love a little more of my time…

So real life gets in the way.

Don’t worry… I’m not going anywhere.

I tried that before, enforced blog breaks… they last all of a day for me! And to be honest, writing posts, and reading yours, that is my chill out time!


What I have decided is that I will take the pressure off myself.

I am used to forcing targets upon myself that cause undue stress (sound familiar, anyone?). I do it in all aspects of my life.

So, to do try and do this, I am not committing to posting every day, like I did last year.

I will post regularly – because I can’t keep away – and take part in the prompt challenges when they occur – but, and it’s a big BUT – I won’t beat myself up if I miss one.

I’ll be there reading your posts and be commenting, but again, if I am not able to visit everyone, every day, I won’t feel guilty. I know you are all human, and you understand, but still, as it stands, if I follow you, I don’t want to miss your words. And if there isn’t that acknowledgement on your post that I have been, either by comment or like, I feel bad.

I do have an idea for a regular feature… but it’s still that, an idea, at the moment!

Spidey will definitely still be around every Sunday – How can he not be??!!

And, the biggie… I need to FINISH this dang WIP!!!! It is so close to the end but I am so tired by the end of the day I can’t get my head into gear!

So, the hope is that I continue to be here, as a blogger (but not flooding your readers or inboxes with posts!) and that I finish my WIP, and maybe, just maybe, have a published book by the end of the year!!!!!!!

And I am sooooo looking forward to May 19th – no no the Royal Wedding, exciting as it may be – but the Annual Bloggers Bash!!!! The ABBA’s have been a huge part of my life over the last 2 years and as I get ready to attend the third, I hope it will be something I attend for many years to come!!!!

So, let me wish you a most excellent 2018 once again!

And let me know – What are your plans for your blog this year?

Spidey’sSerene Sunday – Part 98 – Happy New Year!


“New Year – a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.” – Alex Morritt

It’s all too easy, isn’t it, to start the new year, full of wonderful, uplifting resolutions?

We can all make sweeping statements about how we are going to change our life styles, or our jobs. How this will be the year we make that first £1,000,000… (dream on!) or write that best seller.

Then we get to the end of the year not quite having achieved what we thought we would.

Many a time, the reason we don’t reach our goals is because we forget that we have to actually put the effort into getting there.

It’s all well and good deciding to get fit and join a gym… but that piece of plastic in your wallet is only worth it if you actually use it. It will only lose £’s, not lb’s if you fail to go!

If you want to make a career change, or take up a course for some self-improvement, then do it. Don’t just think about it!

And the one I always have an issue with, write more. I dearly wish that I can write something fiction that is publishable. Last New Year, I said the same thing. And though I didn’t manage to do what I wanted, I still ended up with a book out there with my name on!

So, I am going to make no promises this year. But I will definitely try to do the things I want to do. Achievable goals, hopefully. Even if I am able to write creatively, not for the blog, for at least an hour a week. And exercise a couple of times a week… that would be a good thing!

But I know I will have to work at it!

I managed my weight loss, I think if I put my mind to it, I will be able to achieve these things too!

So all that remains for me to say is Happy New Year from Spidey and me!

Have a wonderful year Peeps!!!! Hope there are not too many sore heads from all the celebrating!!!!!!

Whoop Whoop! 2017 Here We Come!

Well Hello Peeps!

Here I am with my final post of 2016.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year, hasn’t it?

For all the downs, there have been ups as well!

I was able to go with my family to Finland, and spend time with my parents, brother and his family, as well as my own. It was a trip that was memory filled!

I managed to make the Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards, where not only did I get to meet many of the key members of my blogily, but I was also voted second best blog!

A biggie for me, I managed to publish my first book! A volume of poetry, named Poetic  RITUals. And with over  10 five star reviews across the various Amazon sites, I was blown away! If you are inclined, click below to check it out!



And I haven’t been as active on the blog, but I do hope it has been more quality than quantity this year! I managed to secure over 2000 followers, so it can’t be all that bad!

What will 2017 hold?

I am no psychic so I have no idea. Maybe this will be the year I am able to get back into my creative writing properly, and who knows, maybe there will be another book with my name on it in the future!

I do know, though, that I shall become an honorary aunt to the baby of my best friend! And in June 2017, I shall be meeting my darling Blogily again at the Annual Bloggers Bash, and who knows… maybe there will be more of you there to meet this time!!!

I only hope that whatever happens, happens for a good reason, and that we are all healthy, happy and at peace with one another.

Anything else will be a bonus!

So let me take this moment to wish you all a wonderful New Year! May the future be bright for you all, my wonderful blogily Peeps!

Light and love!



Looking back at 2014 ☺️…Ushering in 2015 with a smile!😊

It’s been a good year in many respects…
The BIGGEST reason? Well, I became an auntie!!
The beautiful Sonu Singh joined our little family
I got a promotion of sorts.
We spent a lot more quality time as a family.
There were several beautiful weddings in the family.

There’s much to be thankful for…
Thanks that we’re all still here, in one piece, ready to start the next year.
Thanks for keeping a roof over our heads.
Thanks for the support of our families through tough times.
Thanks for allowing my children to grow and flourish into the loons they are today.
Thanks for the friends that have stayed by our side through thick and thin.

There’s been sadness…
Losing loved ones.
Hearing sad news about people in the family.
Tragedies around the world.
Not being able to see my new nephew yet.
Not getting Lil Princess to stay in her bed… Thereby not getting full nights sleep!

But 2015 is nearly here.
Not even 24 hours left of this old and creaky 2014…
So, I’ll spend a few hours ironing, and cleaning,
Changing bed sheets and vacuuming.
In the hope that if I’m not doing these things tomorrow, on New Years Day,
It means I won’t be doing just that, all year!
Yup, silly superstition in Ritu’s mind!

What I aim for, me and the family, next year.

1) Continued Happiness

2) Getting to Finland to see my gorgeous Nephew!

3) Further success at work/school, for us all

4) Losing that half a stone that just seems to live my belly so much, it won’t go away!

5) The ability to operate a washing machine without dying the family’s clothes pink, or yellow! ( long story but I’ve never done that before, and yet this year, 3 times!!! Hubby Dearest’s shirts, kids uniforms… Yup, I’ve altered em all!)

6) This one is along the lines of #5… Taking care with my dryer! I’ve shrunk far too many things this year, forgetting to take thinks out of the load before switching the dryer on!

7) Really getting to grips with what I love to do, writing… Maybe there is something in what I write, maybe I can make it a success.

So, hopefully that’s all kinda achievable! Well I hope so!!

All that remains for me to say is …
🎉🎊Happy New Year to my new blogging family!
May all your wishes and dreams come true!🎊🎉

My interactive peeps!

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