#WritePhoto – Wishes

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

 One tree weighed down with dreams
Every branch, a family of ribbons waving in the wind
Each twig holding the hopes of the world
Every ribbon tied with faith
Each with a wish…
Will they come true?
If you believe…
Anything is possible




December 28 – Flash Fiction  – Wishing Star

Charli’s prompt this week:

December 28, 2017, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a wishing star. It can be central to the story or used in a different way. You can have a character interact or not. Go where the prompt leads.

We all make wishes… but what about those we rely upon to make them come true?


We’ve all got our jobs, our charges to look out for.
I have 403 at the moment.
And for the most part, they aren’t really that demanding.
Wishing to win the lottery, to get that fast car, or a new house.
Wishes that are empty really. No one expects them to come true.
But those wishes, heartfelt pleas, they are the ones I know I have to get right.
The wishes that Daddy comes home for Christmas.
That Granny will pull through tonight, at least.
That the bully won’t get her today.
Being a Wishing Star is not easy…


Virtual hug Anyone?



I love hugs!
My parents were always the huggy kind!
Same goes for the majority of my family!
Nothing a tight squeeze won’t make feel a little, if not a lot, better!
All together now (((squeeeeeeze)))!!!
If you want to do something that will help someone every day, in the new year, find anyone who needs it, n give em a hug!


Looking back at 2014 ☺️…Ushering in 2015 with a smile!😊

It’s been a good year in many respects…
The BIGGEST reason? Well, I became an auntie!!
The beautiful Sonu Singh joined our little family
I got a promotion of sorts.
We spent a lot more quality time as a family.
There were several beautiful weddings in the family.

There’s much to be thankful for…
Thanks that we’re all still here, in one piece, ready to start the next year.
Thanks for keeping a roof over our heads.
Thanks for the support of our families through tough times.
Thanks for allowing my children to grow and flourish into the loons they are today.
Thanks for the friends that have stayed by our side through thick and thin.

There’s been sadness…
Losing loved ones.
Hearing sad news about people in the family.
Tragedies around the world.
Not being able to see my new nephew yet.
Not getting Lil Princess to stay in her bed… Thereby not getting full nights sleep!

But 2015 is nearly here.
Not even 24 hours left of this old and creaky 2014…
So, I’ll spend a few hours ironing, and cleaning,
Changing bed sheets and vacuuming.
In the hope that if I’m not doing these things tomorrow, on New Years Day,
It means I won’t be doing just that, all year!
Yup, silly superstition in Ritu’s mind!

What I aim for, me and the family, next year.

1) Continued Happiness

2) Getting to Finland to see my gorgeous Nephew!

3) Further success at work/school, for us all

4) Losing that half a stone that just seems to live my belly so much, it won’t go away!

5) The ability to operate a washing machine without dying the family’s clothes pink, or yellow! ( long story but I’ve never done that before, and yet this year, 3 times!!! Hubby Dearest’s shirts, kids uniforms… Yup, I’ve altered em all!)

6) This one is along the lines of #5… Taking care with my dryer! I’ve shrunk far too many things this year, forgetting to take thinks out of the load before switching the dryer on!

7) Really getting to grips with what I love to do, writing… Maybe there is something in what I write, maybe I can make it a success.

So, hopefully that’s all kinda achievable! Well I hope so!!

All that remains for me to say is …
🎉🎊Happy New Year to my new blogging family!
May all your wishes and dreams come true!🎊🎉

My interactive peeps!

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