SoCS April 16/16 – No.

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “no.”  Try to think of a specific number, as “no.” is often used as an abbreviation for “number,” and write about it. Or, use it as a word. Have fun!

Lucky No…

My lucky number

No. 7

Or is it No. 3?

Possibly 8, 20, 29…

The list goes on…

Dates that are important to me become my lucky numbers.

No. 13 – now, isn’t that meant to be unlucky? Even that I find luck in, as our festival of Vaisakhi falls on 13th April!

In fact I need to get ready now, we have a huge procession and fair today to celebrate! The whole if our town comes out, no mater what colour or creed, to celebrate with us!

Really, if I sat down and thought about it, I could probably find ‘luck’ in almost every number!

What is your Lucky No.?



Yes… No… Maybe…? I don’t know!

A friend posted on Facebook about the British Government’s decision to plan air strikes over Syria, and she just simply put  “no likes, no comments, other than agree or disagree…”

Made me think.

I’m so not into politics, but this whole war against ISIS affects us all.

My first thought was …

Of course we should get over there, bomb the terrorists and show them what we think! Yes!!!!! Agree!!

Then I thought, and I changed my reply…

What about all those innocents who will be killed in the midst of hoping that we are striking an ISIS stronghold? That is certainly not fair…

As I scrolled down other people’s views there was a lone ‘sitting on the fence’. I didn’t change mine but…

Do I really want to be sat in the midst of World War 3? After all this is where it’s all headed, isn’t it? I’m no politician, I can’t make these decisions, but when I see things on the news, and I see my son, Lil Man, an impressionable 10 year old, who is starting to understand the implications of these happenings, watching, with concern, then turning to me to ask ” Mummy, are we going to war?” I really don’t want all this fighting, killing and bombing.

Of course we want peace. We want any religious extremists to not be there, killing in the name of God, a God who has never condoned the taking of lives. We want these people to either change, or not be there. 

But we don’t want bloodshed. 

Who wants their children to be brought up in a time of war, fearing everything, because we don’t know when they are going to retaliate, and when they do, because you know they will, where these retaliations will take place?

God only knows the right decision… I, for one, really don’t.

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