#SoCS April 30/16 – Zoo

Linda’s SoCS prompt for this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “zoo.”  Use the word zoo, or find a word that contains it. Have fun!


Zoo – I’ve visited many zoos in my life, from when I was younger, ’til date when instead of being taken, I am the one doing the taking, alongside Hubby Dearest!

I have always enjoyed the experience of being able to get so close to these magnificent creatures, who we would undebatably never encounter in our usual humdrum existences.

But is it fair? Allowing them to be sat in these cages, for all to stare at?

Admittedly, the cages are not so small anymore, the enclosures are usually huge, and there is much for these animals to do, but still…

When the children were younger, we took them to London Zoo.  They loved it! Then Lil Man decided it was time to give Mummy and Daddy a heart attack!

We had passed many big beasts and had watched as a Llama had a wee ( Lil Man’s highlight of the day!) and walked through the petting zoo area, where your usual farm animals were kept. It’s a relatively quiet area, as most people come there for the large animals, not goats and chickens, and such like. As we walked away, I was suddenly aware that my son, Lil Man was not by my side! Frantically we searched everywhere around us and retraced our steps. It’s amazing how long 5 minutes can feel like when you’re searching…

We found him… gazing longingly at a chocolate vending machine! Thank Goodness he was ok, but still, that is one memory I always associate with Zoos.

Zoolander – can you believe I only watched this a couple of months ago for the FIRST TIME! Now I finally understand what Blue Steel is all about! LOL! Hopefully, I watch the sequel in a more timely fashion!

There you go, ZOO!

Have a great Saturday Peeps!


SoCS April 16/16 – No.

For Linda’s prompt, click here.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “no.”  Try to think of a specific number, as “no.” is often used as an abbreviation for “number,” and write about it. Or, use it as a word. Have fun!

Lucky No…

My lucky number

No. 7

Or is it No. 3?

Possibly 8, 20, 29…

The list goes on…

Dates that are important to me become my lucky numbers.

No. 13 – now, isn’t that meant to be unlucky? Even that I find luck in, as our festival of Vaisakhi falls on 13th April!

In fact I need to get ready now, we have a huge procession and fair today to celebrate! The whole if our town comes out, no mater what colour or creed, to celebrate with us!

Really, if I sat down and thought about it, I could probably find ‘luck’ in almost every number!

What is your Lucky No.?



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