Fickle Nickle!

This weekend, after realising that I am allergic to my Pandora bracelet, Hubby Dearest worked really had to arrange for an exchange for one of their (more expensive) Rose Gold ones!

This nickle allergy!

Honestly, I hate having lots of money spent on me, I don’t need expensive things! But my body obviously has other ideas!

And something else I don’t like, is exchanging gifts, as I feel that what was chosen for me has such sentimental value, but in order to actually wear the item, it had to be changed!

Still, after a whole load of phone calls and emails, and explaining to Pandora that if we exchanged, we would end up spending more, as the Rose Gold is a more expensive bracelet to furnish with charms in the future, we ended up at the shops on Sunday to change it over!

And the whole allergy experience ended up as a poem!

I am quite a simple person
I don’t have expensive tastes
But because of reactions and allergies
I can’t be bought things in haste

Would you believe a little metal
That goes by the name of Nickle
Can cause such a commotion!
My body, oh so fickle!

Now my birthday’s a great example
Of my body’s annoying habit
Having reactions to gifts
First time was my Fitbit!

Religiously I wore it
Counting steps as I waled, in a flash
But after a few weeks of wearing
I came out in a terrible rash!


We exchanged it for another
More expensive, and rash-proof, we thought
But alas the same thing happened
And so we returned what we bought!

this year my Hubby gifter me
With a bracelet of the Pandora sort
But guess what? Allergic!
It contains Nickle – Who’da thought?!

But after much disctussion
Phone calls and emails galore
I’m now the owner of a rose gold one
And suffer rashes no more!


Ritu 2017

A Lovely Weekend! #Birthday

Hey Peeps!

I’m sat here at the tail end of my birthday weekend, tired, happy, full, and ready for bed!

But I wanted to let you know what my weekend was like.

Hubby Dearest arranged for us to go to London, the four of us, for a night away, for my birthday!

We arrived at the Park Plaza Waterloo, the children and I poked our noses around the reception, whilst Hubby Dearest worked his magic, getting us upgraded and breakfast in the Executive lounge!

We saw some fantastic figurines and got a free cookie too!

The room was lovely, with a view of the Shard and other wonderful buildings.

Everything was electronic, lights, curtains, locks and all!


They even gave the kids complimentary back packs!


The children wanted to go swimming, but I was not in the mood to exercise! They went with Daddy, whilst I chilled out. The Pool and Gym area also had a Spa.


Once they were sated, we got ready and went for a walk to the London Eye, and across the bridge towards the Houses of Parliament, complete with the silent for now, Big Ben!

There was even ‘Mr Bean’ entertaining folks!


We decided to wander over to the West End, rather than catch a train. We stopped at Trafalgar Square, and saw some wonderful street art.

Lil Princess is not a walker so we had to stop several times for her to complain… and she got a piggy back from her Dad for a while too!

En route to drinks and dinner, we stopped at the Leicester Square Lego store, and I met Shakespeare!


A cheeky cocktail at TGI Fridays, then we went to Wong Kei’s, our favourite Chinese restaurant!

If you’ve not heard of Wong Kei’s before, I have to tell you; Their food is WONDERFUL. Seriously! But they are as famous for their customer service, as their food. They don’t smile, you get sat with other people, they can be down right rude, to be honest, but because we know that is what they are about, it is so funny! And because, for some of them it is an act, you do get the smiles from them, sneakily!

The food, as I mentioned, was yum! And the portions are large, so we ended up with a lot left. Instead of letting it go to waste, the children decided they wanted to give it to some one who was in need. We got two take away boxes and made up two complete meals, with chopsticks too, and got ready to find someone who needed food.

London streets are full of homeless folk, and you don’t always know what is the best to do. But the kids did me proud. We found a lady, with dog, who was so grateful for a warm meal.


The second meal given, we walked home again. London by night is so beautiful!


And here’s something I hadn’t seen before… the portaloo type urinals that have been put up in places, to stop drunk blokes relieving themselves in the doorways at night…


My little family made me very proud. ❤


This morning, I was woken by a phone call from my Finndian family, and my brother and nephew serenading me from a Helsinki tram!

And then presents appeared, complete with a poem from Lil Princess, and a Power Point presentation about why I’m a great mum, from Lil Man!

My very own Pandora Bracelet! Bless them!

We ate a hearty three-course breakfast (Gonna have to get back on the healthy eating wagon after this last few weeks!) and literally rolled out of the Executive Lounge!


After checking out, we made our way home where I was spoiled again by my in-laws!

This was topped off by a takeaway pizza, and then a birthday cheesecake at home!


But it wasn’t just this that made my weekend good. Seeing that nearly a hundred of you took me up on my birthday gift to you was so pleasing, and the fact that I hit #1 in the Poetry download chart on UK Kindle was the icing on the cake! I can say I am a ‘Bestseller’ now I guess!!!!

I am now sat on my bed, getting ready for my first day back to school.

Tired, but happy.

Thank you for putting up with my constant badgering over the last month, first the #RiNoWriMo challenge, I set myself, then the free book promos… You are all angels, and I feel blessed that I have such a supportive blogily behind me!

I must go now, and get ready for the next chapter in my life as a teacher… More on that in another post!

My interactive peeps!

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