Finally, I Can Tell You All!

Sorry, for the build up to this, but it is a pretty big event in my life!

I told you it was something personal, family-based.

Well, as you read this, I am now sitting, not in the UK but on holiday!

Not any usual holiday, but a special surprise treat for my Pops!

It was his 70th as you know last week, and I was unable to physically be with him on that day. But he’s been busy celebrating! Two family functions on his actual birthday where he was honoured, and a surprise birthday party on Tuesday from some more family!

Then my mum booked tickets for them to go to Finland, to see my Finndian family. He was so happy, but a little gutted that we weren’t able to be together…

But that’s where he was wrong!

Hubby Dearest and I, along with the munchkins, secretly booked to be there too!

It has been his dearest wish that his whole little family be together, and able to spend a proper holiday at least once, so we all thought this would be the best present for him!

As this publishes, we should be going for a photo shoot. Another surprise! He knows that they are having a generational portrait taken, with Pops, his son, and grandson, but we are going to make an appearance at the studio, to totally surprise him! I hope he likes the plan!

It had been so hard to keep this a secret from him, but the kids have also been great at not saying anything too. There have been Whatsapp group messages pinging to and fro, phone calls, shopping trips and all sorts, and finally, we are here!

So, forgive me if I am not too active the next few days, but I promise to be back with lots of updates!

We haven’t been on a family holiday abroad for 4 years, so the break is long overdue for us too!

Have a wonderful few days Peeps!

I can’t say I won’t be around, the hotel has free WiFi, but I probably shan’t be posting too much!!!!! And I will catch up on my return! 🙂

My interactive peeps!

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